Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Think Global,Buy Local

The "Think Global, Buy Local" craft show was a great success for us on Sunday. I believe it was good for the other vendors too. I would like to thank Anna and Zoey for the invitation and for putting on such a well organized event. The staff at the Pavilion were also superb. Special thanks to Tracy. The girls arranged for live acoustic music for the entire day. That was a great treat. The meal I purchased from the café was delicious. It was a day for meeting customers both old and new. I just enjoy teaching people about my products. Thanks to the CBC for the short interview on camera. I had great fun and it was a great cause to support. I understand that a fair amount of money was raised for the school in Sri Lanka and am happy to have been part of such a noble cause. It is important to teach others how to be self sufficient in order to grow their local economy while branching out into the globe.

Keep in mind that the cold winter months are the perfect time to host a SudsMuffin Kids Party, even if is just to break up the winter blahs. A SudsMuffin Spa Party is a great way for the ladies to have fun and shake off their own sub-zero doldrums. Book a party soon by calling us at 672-9248 (in Saint John NB area only) to reserve your date.

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