Sunday, January 17, 2010

Anniversary Giveaway

I want to kick off the new year by thanking all of the people who supported us this past holiday season. Your patronage and your enjoyment of our products was truly appreciated. We look forward to helping you all year long .

Keep us in mind for a special office thank you, for that emergency gift, a get well thought. Don't forget our awesome MiniMuffin Kids parties and SudsMuffin Spa parties. Our Kids parties are a blast for children aged 7 to 16. They make their own soap, lotion, and bath salts. Kids older than 10 can make items such as perfumes, lip balms and bath bombs. The SudsMuffin Spa Parties are a great way to get your friends together for some pampering and laughs.

Now for the Giveaway!

February 10th is our store's 3rd anniversary. For this momentous occasion, we are giving away the SudsMuffin gift package shown here. It includes the following:
  • Sweet Spot Lotion (our most popular scent)
  • Raspberry Roll-On Perfume Oil
  • Honey Glaze Lip Balm with shea and mango butter
  • Sugared Vanilla Bath Bomb (our newest fragrance)
  • Chocolate Frosted Soap Cupcake
  • All packed in an adorable heart shaped box
To be entered in the Giveaway, just do one or more of the following, then come back to this post and leave me a comment telling me what you did. You will entered for the Giveaway for every one you do:
  1. Sign up for our newsletter
  2. Tweet this blog post
  3. Blog about this Giveaway
  4. Facebook about this Giveaway
  5. Follow my blog
  6. Follow my Facebook group page
  7. Become a Fan
You can enter from anywhere in the world. Just be sure that we have a way to email you so we can get your address, should you will. The Giveaway prize will be drawn on February 10th, so it won't arrive in time for Valentine's Day, but who says you need a special occasion to pamper yourself?

Good luck and thanks again for a wonderful 2009 and an even better 2010!


Nicole said...

I signed up for the newsletter, tweeted the post, facebook'd about the giveaway, am following the blog, joined the facebook group and became a fan. :)

My e-mail:

Anonymous said...

How do I compete with that? :)

I am a fan, I am now following on twitter, already get the newsletter and follow your facebook group page.

Sudsmuffin is the best!


Anonymous said...

Great idea with the giveaway! I fb'd the giveaway, tweeted the blog..I already get your newsletter, joined your group and became a fan...


Erica said...

I already follow your blog, but I also became a fan.

Mr.Brad.s said...

well I am severly out matched but I have checked out the group and I have become a fan. :) best of luck to everyone And I hope the winner really enjoys the prize. I am Bradley snodgrass and my Email is

Natural Bath Salts said...

I am really impressed with the natural gift set, bathing will never be the same again!

Victoria Clarke said...

I signed up for your newsletter.
Thanks muffins!

Ria said...

I became a fan on Facebook and posted a message on my Facebook page about it, signed up for the newsletter, and I'll also mention this on tomorrow's blog post. (I try to keep my blog to one entry per day at the moment.)

Monica Hughes said...

I signed up for the newsletter and am already a fan on facebook! :)

Monica Hughes

nalini jonas said...

i join your group page on facebook.. an post a note about it on my wall an sent messages to my frens via email on facebook... i hope i win this fabulous giveaway from u guys... im from Trinidad and email is

Penguinwings said...

I Facebooked about it, am a fan and am on your page, plus I subscribed to your blog.... am I entered now.. what about now, any thing:-)

Penguinwings said...

OBTW.. you could follow my log about healing... because I am going to mention you there too:-)

SudsMuffin said...

Thanks everybody for your fantastic comments so far! I wish you all luck in the draw, even though "there can be only one". :D And Patty, I just added your blog to my blog-roll. Thanks for the reminder.

**Mrs SudsMuffin**

Claudia Lawrence said...

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Stacie said...

I'm a facebook fan.

Joy-Anne said...

i am now a fan!

rgallant said...

SO Wonderful! I have posted a blog for you ;) Hope you get lots of hits! XO Randi Gallant Photography

redkathy said...

I'm a FB fan! Great giveaway.

Ricki said...

I joined your Facebook group, became a fan, followed your blog, and signed up for your enewsletter.

Jessica Doyle said...

Facebook Fan and I follow your blog :)

I love your essential oils based soaps!

lynn said...

I am already a fan and follow you on Facebook as you know. I just posted a comment on your facebook page. Love your stuff!!!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Happy, Happy 3rd Anniversary---look at how good you guys are doing!! Yeah!! I'm proud and happy for you.
What a great prize---your products look and sound absolutely wonderful (and this gal could REALLY use a little pampering right now!)
I'm going to Facebook your giveaway.
Smiles, Karen

Krafty Max Originals said...

I follow your blog, also follow on network blog, follow on twitter, am a facebook fan, subscribe to your newletter and tweeted about this giveaway!!!

Ya hooo!!!

Sarah Blanchard said...

I would love to be entered in your draw. I joined your FB group, signed up as a fan and sent even more friends your way. :o)