Saturday, November 13, 2010

Busy November!

Well October was a huge success! Our 10 year month long anniversary sale proved to be loved by all. November is turning into quite the fun time too. I had an awesome SudsMuffin Spa Party on Wednesday evening (Thanks so much to Charlene for such an amazing turnout).

Saturday, MiniMuffin (she worked so hard) and I spent the day at St George Elementary School having fun at the annual St George Christmas Craft Fair. I must say the day was absolutely fantastic! MiniMuffin and I really enjoyed the customers and the vendors. I would like to thank the St George Home and School Association and Maxine J for a job well done. The ladies took excellent care of all the vendors and I truly appreciate their hard work. I can't wait until next year.

Sunday, I had a MiniMuffin Birthday Party that was so much fun and again my MiniMuffin was the best helper ever! The kids had fun and the youngest there was even asking when the MuffinMan could come back.

Now I am gearing up for Christmas and making lots of new products every day. Come on in and I will be happy to make up a gift basket for ready-made gift giving. We have lots of great stocking stuffers in store too, as well as a beautiful selection of handmade cards.

Friday, October 22, 2010

10 years!

Wow! I have just come to realize that it has been 10 years that we have been making our products for wonderful people! We have come a long way in both our presentation and products.

We started with melt and pour soap and simple bath salts for gifts. Now we are the choice of gift givers near and far. We love creating our soap, perfumes, sugar scrubs, bath bombs, and bevy of other delights that help you "Feel Delicious".

Over the years, we have discovered that the best way for us to succeed is to help people the best that we can. One of the greatest joys we get from doing what we do is having our friends and customers tell us how much one of our products has helped them, be it for sore cracked heals or just a nice relaxing bath. We have enjoyed serving all of our customers' needs and hope to continue doing so long into the future.

Our products have gone through several different incarnations from little packaging with crude labels to our current professional style logo and labeling. We have gone from craft fairs and flea markets to the Saint John City Market to our own little shop at 135 Union Street, made visible by our big pink sudsy muffin sign.

We also went through a name change. We started out as Skinful Scentsations. We found the name to be cumbersome and hard to remember and spell. A sheer stroke of luck led to our current name. The folks at the market had taken to calling me Suds. One day as we were closing, a customer walked by and said goodnight Suds and my wife jokingly said "Aw, my little SudsMuffin." Bam! A star was born. We soon found great returns with our SudsMuffin Kids Parties (I have so much fun at them) and our SudsMuffin Spa Parties. We now even do wedding favors and you can buy melt and pour soap kits from us too.

To celebrate our 10 years, we invite you to come on in and take advantage of our $10 specials to the end of October. These specials change from day to day, but for the whole month we are featuring 2 of our awesome soaps for $10.00. As mentioned above, we also do Kids' Birthday Parties and for the grown-ups I do spa parties. Come check out the wonderful handmade greeting cards too.

For our friends in the St George area, we will be at the Christmas Craft show at the elementary school On November 13th, from 9-12. See you there!

Thanks to everybody for all your support and friendship throughout these last 10 years!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Harvesting the Arts Festival 2010

Well this past weekend, we had the joy of being part of the Harvesting the Arts Festival in Saint John at King's Square. It was scheduled for Saturday but due to the impending storm, it was moved to Sunday. It was a beautiful day that proved to be sunny with not too much heat and a gentle fresh breeze in the air.

We arrived early to find a nice central area to set up our tent. We had our tent and table set up in near record time. MiniMuffin was also there, participating with her Karate school in an all day demonstration. We had a great day of sales and conversation. Mrs SudsMuffin even had the chance to take some photos.

There are a huge number of artistic stars in this city and they have to be seen to be believed. We made all kinds of new friends and even better for us: new customers. Don't miss it next year. It's just getting better and better every time we go.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nectar of Isis Testimonial

One of the reasons I do what I do is to help people even just a little bit. I love it when I receive emails like this one (I modified it just a little to keep out peoples names):
"My dear SudsMuffin. I am having a good day today, against all hopes, and it is thanks to you ~ your vision ~ your work. After working at the computer until 11 last night (a last minute project I had to finish) my neck was very stiff and sore. I took 2 Advils and rubbed the SudsMuffin Nectar of Isis a friend put in my birthday package last June. My neck is as good as new this morning. I thought for sure it would be as stiff as a board. Thanks a million ~ I have to work later today."
I am glad that we were able to help out and make someone feel better. If you have a testimonial about our products, please don't hesitate to send it to us. We will also keep it anonymous if you wish.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Busy Summer at SudsMuffin

Wow! Have we ever been busy at the shop in the last little bit! With wedding orders galore and special request spa orders, I have been one busy SudsMuffin. I had one order go slightly awry due to a faulty scale but was still able to get the order off in time. I just got off the phone with our client in BC and her customer's bridal order arrived intact and she was thrilled beyond measure.
I love it when everybody is happy. I am so pleased with this partnership. It is proving to be great for everybody. If you are ever in Port Alberni BC, be sure to check out Allure Bath & Body and tell them SudsMuffin sent you.

On to other news, I have just recently enrolled in a correspondence course to help increase my business knowledge. I think that this is going to help me a great deal in future endeavors.

Stay tuned for great new things coming this Fall as well as our 10 year anniversary celebration in October.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Enjoying the summer.

Hi there all you SudsMuffinites! I don't know about you but I have been enjoying the amazing summer that has graced us in Saint John this year. Although the heat has taken some getting used to, I certainly prefer it over rain. Take the time to drop in to our shop and pick up a treat for yourself and your skin.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A great afternoon!

I want to thank Terri Munn from A Tanners Home Inn, for the invite to her Saint John 225 birthday party at the Inn's Garden Deck. It was a delightful setting with some of the best vendors around. The beautiful day was shared by people whom stopped by for cake and punch, then had the privilege of touring this amazing house. For those of you who have folks coming into town I suggest you turn them on to this awesome B&B. They won't be disappointed.

Thanks to Wine and Stein for the samples of incredible homemade wines I will be paying them a visit in the very near future.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

What have we been up to?

Well we have been busy little beavers. Things at the shop have been hopping, with dozens of custom orders for boutiques and weddings. We also ran a special on teacher baskets that proved to be a HUGE hit!

We now have a brand new scent to offer called "Cabana Boy". This awesome scent is reminiscent of a day on a sandy Caribbean beach with a delicious rum drink. Now I brought this in at the request of a customer who was looking for a real coconut scent. I think that she deserves a big thank you hug because this scent is off the hook! I think you will love this tropical delight.

The Cabana boy bath bombs and lotion are superb and I did something I never thought I would do; I added some of this scent to my Whipped Shea Butter and the result was Superfantabulous. Thanks goes out to LC for this idea. Cabana Boy is an excellent addition to my tropical line of scents that includes Satsuma, Key Lime, Melon Slush, and Yuzu.

I just love trying new scents and doing whatever I can to make the lives of my customers happier. I get excited when my customers suggest new products or scents. The most excitement that I get is when I have a new customer come in and tell me that their Mom, friend, cousin, Sister, etc, has been raving over this soap or that lotion. I love hearing these kinds of stories so please keep the feedback coming.

In the meantime, don't forget to come in and stock up on our tropical scents. You won't regret it!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Maritime Green Living Expo

I had a super time at the Maritime Green Living Expo. A great big **Thank You** goes out to Terri-Ann from Naturally For Life. The turn out was better than I had expected and I know the next one will be even better. I had a good number of sales from the event and made some new friends and that is always good.

Thanks again to Terri-Ann for a ton of hard work in organizing this event. I featured most of my "green" scented line: soap, shampoo, conditioner, whipped shea butter, and bath bombs. The Rosemary Lemongrass proved to be the biggest hit.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mother's Day Update

Update: I have received enormous feedback from our Mother's Day baskets. Everyone loved them and I have had some recipients come in to replenish their baskets. Thank you so much to all who purchased from me.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The coming attactions.

Mother's Day has come and gone and I would love to take the time to thank each and every person who purchased one of our great baskets for their mother, wife, other loved one in their life. I hope that the person receiving the basket enjoys using the products as much as I enjoy making them. Look for us at the Maritime Green Living Expo at the end of May at the Saint John Trade and Convention Center.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What a party!

This past Saturday was a really new experience for me. For the first time ever, we held a birthday party right in the shop. Now this was no ordinary party. I usually do a party for 8 to 12 kids. This one was 16 excited little girls, all crammed in to my tiny little shop. It was a tight fit(ok it was a lot tight, sardines have more room) but it worked, and best of all, the girls all had a fantastic time! It required the moving around of the store, it was still cramped but we managed to make it work. The mother and father where of great help and there was an extra parent there also. Between the four of us we managed to keep order and the kids all had fun. I was really surprised by how well the kids followed instructions and obeyed the safety rules I laid down.
I want to thank this eager group of for choosing me to make their day special. I hope they had as much fun as I did.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have been busy!

Hi everyone! I would like to send out a nice heartfelt thank you to the wonderful people that hosted the two birthday parties this weekend. I had a huge amount of fun at both parties and know that the girls all had fun too. The Hostesses where both awesome and even helped with the projects.

The older girls made fizzy bath crystals, little vials of perfume, pretty soaps soap, and nicely scented lotion. The younger ladies had great fun making their soaps, fizzy bath salts and lotions. It was a hoot watching everyone working with great concentration to bottle the lotions. Everybody did well and only one mess was made.

I took some time this week to make a new product for our line: Whipped Soap. I think that they turned out quite nice. I still have to work on getting the color I want right but for this first attempt, I am pleased with the results. I have put a few in my window display for everyone to see.

I also have a brand new soap on the shelves. The new Key Lime is awesome! It has a bright natural lime scent and a dynamic yellow/green swirl. I really enjoy this one.

I have also just sent a new order to Allure Bath and Body in BC and have 4 other Soap Cakes curing for a trip to another client. I am also starting to prepare for a Wedding Favor order going to Pennsylvania.

Spring is just around the corner and the weather here is beautiful and record breaking for this time of year. I hope you can all get out there and enjoy it too.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Customer Service

Customer service? What does it mean to you? How do you qualify exceptional customer service? I think that customer service is one of the hardest concepts to get right all the time. Why? Simply because of the main component of the equation: the customer. Customers are people just like business owners and each of them has an expectation as to what they think customer service should be.

I try to always go a little above and beyond that which most people might expect. I may print a Google map for somebody trying to make their way to another address. I may hand out a free sample if I think my product might help somebody. I might refer them to another business if I don't have what they are looking for. I may not be able to satisfy every customer but I always listen and do my best to make it right. I try to give my customers all the tools they need to make the best purchasing decision for themselves.

I always try to treat everyone that comes through my shop door with the same attention. Just the other day, a very elderly lady came into the shop. She was not really interested in buying but she was curious about everything in the store. I took the time to answer all her questions, in between listening to stories about her daughters and great, great grandchildren. She promised to tell them all about the store. I don't know if she will but I know that I paid her the respect of listening and giving her my time. To me the most important thing was her smile when she left.

Tell us about some of the great customer service you have received from a business. Or even let me know if there are ways that I can serve you better. I look forward to reading about it.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Taste Buds Jumping

Those of you wonderful folks that know me well, know that I love food. I love all kinds of food and try just about anything. Well for supper last night, I tried something that I had never tried before. I know it would seem that I have tried just about everything in town, well I haven't and tonight my taste buds have been jumping for joy! They were treated to a parade of sensational, dynamic, and delectable flavors.

It all started with a simple tv commercial and fairly simple ingredients, including the key one that I had never tried. The ad featured a recipe for a creamy pesto sauce served over grilled chicken. Now, neither Mrs SudsMuffin nor I had ever tried Pesto before, but we enjoy all the ingredients that go into Pesto so we thought it sounded good. So I went to the City Market and picked up some freshly made Pesto at the Italian food stall, called "Sisters". I also picked up some spaghetti noodles, some fresh parmesan, a small ciabatta bread, some fresh veggies and I was set.

Once home, Mrs SudsMuffin and I started preparing our meal. She cut up the veggies (onion, mushrooms, green pepper & zucchini) while I started cooking the spaghetti. I warmed up and then sliced the ciabatta bread and Mrs SudsMuffin added garlic butter, freshly grated Parmesan and mozzarella cheese to each slice, then into the toaster oven it went.

I sauteed the veggies, reheated some leftover grilled chicken breast and started making the Pesto sauce. This consisted of a tub of cream cheese, melted in a sauce pan, then adding in some chicken stock and then a few spoonfuls of the fresh pesto.

I assembled our meal on a platter: first the cooked spaghetti noodles, topped with the grilled chicken, then the sauteed veggies, poured over the lovely creamy Pesto sauce, then sprinkled on some more fresh Parmesan. We enjoyed it all SO much, accompanied by the toasted garlic cheese ciabatta. It was a perfect supper and we will definitely be making this one again, but next time, we'll be sure to share.

So now, I'm a true fan of Pesto. I don't what took me so long to try it, or why nobody ever told me how good it was. If you haven't tried it, I highly recommend it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Soapmakers journey to higher learning.

This week has been rather unique for me. On Monday, I was the guest speaker at the University of New Brunswick Saint John (UNBSJ). I had been invited to speak on e-commerce and social networking. I found the class to be extremely attentive and really easy to speak to. I explained how we merged our marketing with social networking and some of the do's and don'ts of social networking. The class had some very good questions, which I was happy to answer. I had a great time, even though I was a little nervous. My time at the University did not end there.

Thursday afternoon, I had the privilege of being invited to a soap lab being performed by one of the biology classes. They distilled their own essential oils, which I found intriguing. I enjoyed giving advice on what oils to use and how much. I felt sorry for them as they had to hand mix their batches of soap to get them to come to trace. Some of them seemed to lose hope but they all did eventually trace (take on a pudding-like state). The lab was extremely well run by Leah (who had invited me). Her knowledge of the process was very good and she had obviously put a lot of research into the lab. I added a couple of safety tips to what she covered with the class. In the end, everybody managed to pour their soap into their makeshift molds. I wasn't there for the unmolding in the days following but I hope their soaps turned out well.

I want to thank everyone at both events for making me feel welcome and I hope that my information proved to be insightful.

Monday, February 15, 2010

And the winner is........

We have just drawn for the winner of our 3rd Anniversary Giveaway. The winner was chosen via, from a randomized list of entries. And the winner is.... Patty D from Saint John, NB.
Congratulations Patty! I am sure you will enjoy it. Come on in to the shop to pick up your very own Sweetheart prize set next time you are uptown.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SudsMuffin makes Valentines Day special

In store, our newest Foaming Sugar Scrub in Sugared Vanilla scent, made its debut along with our two newest Massage Gels: Cabana Boy and Sugared Vanilla, and bath bomb in Sugared Vanilla.

We had all kinds of guys in picking up our SudsMuffin Sweetheart basket sets, with included a handmade Valentine card, a premium silk soap, massage gel and bath bomb for only $20.00. They flew out the door yesterday.

Mrs SudsMuffin was a great help in putting together the baskets, and thought it was so cute to see these sheepish looking guys coming in looking for Valentine's gifts for their sweeties.

I made up a great Valentines morning breakfast, complete with my famous hash browns, scrambled eggs with sauteed veggies, toast, and sweet ham. It was fabulous, if I do say so myself. I even received a handmade card from my MiniMuffin, and the one from Mrs SudsMuffin was great, especially since it said that she loved me even more than peanut butter. Now that's a lot of love, coming from Mrs SudsMuffin.

We hope all you lovey dovies out there have a great Valentines Day and for those who bought from us, we hope it made it even more special for you.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lots on the go!

We have started supplying a wonderful store in British Columbia with our fabulous Soap Cakes. Allure Bath and Body carries great products from all over and we are happy to be added to their list of vendors.

On another note, I have just made the coolest new soap check it out. This is a picture of our fabulous new Chocolate Peppermint Soap Squares. These look and smell so good I can barely contain myself. I just want to start munching them with a big glass of milk. They are going to be shelf ready in about 2 weeks. I will also have a new Satsuma Incense ready in 2 weeks. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Think Global,Buy Local

The "Think Global, Buy Local" craft show was a great success for us on Sunday. I believe it was good for the other vendors too. I would like to thank Anna and Zoey for the invitation and for putting on such a well organized event. The staff at the Pavilion were also superb. Special thanks to Tracy. The girls arranged for live acoustic music for the entire day. That was a great treat. The meal I purchased from the café was delicious. It was a day for meeting customers both old and new. I just enjoy teaching people about my products. Thanks to the CBC for the short interview on camera. I had great fun and it was a great cause to support. I understand that a fair amount of money was raised for the school in Sri Lanka and am happy to have been part of such a noble cause. It is important to teach others how to be self sufficient in order to grow their local economy while branching out into the globe.

Keep in mind that the cold winter months are the perfect time to host a SudsMuffin Kids Party, even if is just to break up the winter blahs. A SudsMuffin Spa Party is a great way for the ladies to have fun and shake off their own sub-zero doldrums. Book a party soon by calling us at 672-9248 (in Saint John NB area only) to reserve your date.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Lily Lake Pavilion craft show!

On Sunday Jan 31 SudsMuffin will be at the Lilly Lake Pavilion along with a myriad of other great talents for a mid winter craft show. Come on out and join us, there will be paper crafts, jewelery, and many others. This is a perfect time to get an awesome Valentine gift for the girl or boy in your life. I will have Soap, Lotions, Massage Gels and Massage Oils as well as Perfumes, Bath Bombs, and Bath Salts. There will be a limited amount of pre-made Valentine baskets for $20.00. I hope that you can make the trip out and enjoy a wonderful day. I look forward to seeing each and every one of you! This is a Fund raiser for a very good cause. Check out the link.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Anniversary Giveaway

I want to kick off the new year by thanking all of the people who supported us this past holiday season. Your patronage and your enjoyment of our products was truly appreciated. We look forward to helping you all year long .

Keep us in mind for a special office thank you, for that emergency gift, a get well thought. Don't forget our awesome MiniMuffin Kids parties and SudsMuffin Spa parties. Our Kids parties are a blast for children aged 7 to 16. They make their own soap, lotion, and bath salts. Kids older than 10 can make items such as perfumes, lip balms and bath bombs. The SudsMuffin Spa Parties are a great way to get your friends together for some pampering and laughs.

Now for the Giveaway!

February 10th is our store's 3rd anniversary. For this momentous occasion, we are giving away the SudsMuffin gift package shown here. It includes the following:
  • Sweet Spot Lotion (our most popular scent)
  • Raspberry Roll-On Perfume Oil
  • Honey Glaze Lip Balm with shea and mango butter
  • Sugared Vanilla Bath Bomb (our newest fragrance)
  • Chocolate Frosted Soap Cupcake
  • All packed in an adorable heart shaped box
To be entered in the Giveaway, just do one or more of the following, then come back to this post and leave me a comment telling me what you did. You will entered for the Giveaway for every one you do:
  1. Sign up for our newsletter
  2. Tweet this blog post
  3. Blog about this Giveaway
  4. Facebook about this Giveaway
  5. Follow my blog
  6. Follow my Facebook group page
  7. Become a Fan
You can enter from anywhere in the world. Just be sure that we have a way to email you so we can get your address, should you will. The Giveaway prize will be drawn on February 10th, so it won't arrive in time for Valentine's Day, but who says you need a special occasion to pamper yourself?

Good luck and thanks again for a wonderful 2009 and an even better 2010!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Spicy Scents Sale

Our spicy scents are now 25% off! These include Spiced Pumpkin Soufflé, Sugar Plum, Coffee Cake, and Pear Compote. There are only a few of these items left so come and get them as soon as you can!

New Bath Bombs are just about ready for the shelves. The Yuzu is a bright citrus that combines tangy Mandarin with Grapefruit for a spectacular aroma. It is similar to our famous Satsuma but with slightly sharper notes.

The Sugared Vanilla is to die for! I am serious here my SudsMuffinites, this is one of the best Vanilla scents I have ever encountered! It is warm and sweet and delectable!

Keep an eye out for further announcements about our new scents!

Also just to let you know, fresh batches of Toasted Marshmallow, Sweet Spot and Kiss A Koala soap are curing on the shelf. They should be ready in 2 to 3 weeks!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Art Giveaway from Jessica Doyle

Here is a great chance to win some great art from my friend and fabulous artist Jessica Doyle.
Check out her blog post to see what you need to do to win.