Friday, November 6, 2009

Trying out the Thai fare

I recently had supper at a restaurant that I had never been to in the city before, and before you get smart, there are still a few I haven't been to.

It was my brother in law's birthday so we went to Lemongrass in Market Square. I truly enjoyed the sweet & sour pork that I ordered. Everyone else seemed to greatly enjoy their food especially MiniMuffin, who had a plate of various appetizers that included firecracker shrimp, money bags, chicken satay, spring rolls and a big bowl of super yummy coconut rice that she absolutely loved. She even sampled bits of other peoples fare. You've got to love a kid with adventurous taste buds. There was also red curry and green curry, stir fried beef, garlic & mushrooms, and an awesome pad thai.

So a thanks to the staff at Lemongrass on a job well done. I am sure I'll be back some time for another wonderful meal. To all the folks out there, trust that when SudsMuffin says "it's good," then it's good.

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