Sunday, October 4, 2009

Brides Brides and more Brides

Tuesday was the start of one of the busiest weeks we have ever had at SudsMuffin. That same day, I received a call from Mark Hovey, in charge of the upcoming Bridal Show at the Trade and Convention Center. I had turned down a chance not too long ago to attend this event thinking that it was too expensive. After a conversation with the organizer, I realized that this was an awesome opportunity to showcase my products to my target audience and so I agreed to go.

I quickly realized that I did not have anything ready to take to such a show. Thus was the beginning of a frantic week. Mrs SudsMuffin and I had to locate appropriate packaging and decorative materials and make plans as to what we where going to produce for this show.

After some late night deliberations, we came up with a list of great products and scents to use. The next day I started production at the shop, on top of my regular production schedule. That night everyone stayed later at the store. We then had to figure out how to appropriately display our products so they would be attractive and eye-catching.

We also realized that we did not have any good signage to use in our booth. We knew it was very short notice but we contacted Robynn at Super Cheap Signs and she was able to give us exactly what we wanted, at a really good price and right on time for the show.

Thursday night, Mrs SudsMuffin created a bevy of new label designs. She is so awesome! Friday (Show day) I made final preparations on all the favor boxes such as ribbons, filling, attaching tags, and packing the other products for the show. I picked up our new sign from Super Cheap Signs just before noon and I was extremely happy with the results. Thanks to Robynn and her crew for coming through for us.

Many thanks to Laura for covering at the shop for us and doing such a great job on such short notice. By 2:30, I loaded up the car and was off to the show. Once there, setting up was a breeze because I was given access to the loading dock. Special thanks to Dave the DJ for letting me use his extension cord. The table would have been lacking without the light.

At 4pm, the doors opened and initial slowness turned to organized chaos! My table was quickly swarmed with oodles of brides, bridesmaids, moms and moms in law. Everybody was oohing and ahhing over my favors, with many MANY saying that they would be in touch and that they had never seen some of the things that we had.

Overall, it was a very well organized and professionally run show. One of the best I've ever been to. The quality of the vendors and the location and booth setup was great! I look forward to the next one.


Jessica Macleod said...

I am so happy to read about your success at the show. I am certain you will be flooded with orders, you offer something original and thoughtful.

Good job and best of luck. :)


Lily Smallwood said...

So happy I met you at the show Sudsmuffin! Looking forward to picking up the favours for my brother-in-law's wedding this month! Thanks for doing it on such short notice! You're awesome!

Lenox Knits said...

Glad it went so well. Sometimes last minute is perfect timing.