Saturday, September 26, 2009

What an Incredible day

Incredible! That is the best way that I can describe today. To start, we saw the most amazing sight on the way in to the shop, a young lady was walking her boxer pup and her raccoon pup. The raccoon was rescued after the mother was hit by a car.

At the shop, we restocked the shelves and made a wonderful new lavender orange deodorant. We finished wrapping bath bombs and made soy wax votive candles in a fantastic Spiced Coffee Cake scent. Our shop saw a bevy of delighted customers all day long.

To top off the day, we had a extremely delicious SudsMuffin Spa Party. The hostess was incredible and even prepared an amazing array of scrumptious pink goodies including, get this: a PINK CHOCOLATE fountain.

The ladies enjoyed themselves. Quite a few indulged in a foot massage and scrub given by the SudsMuffin himself (Me!). I want to thank everyone for attending and hope to see you in the shop in the near future so you can experience all the things that will make you "feel delicious".

1 comment:

Jacq said...

That would be quite the site, my Grandparents had a raccoon for a pet when my Mom was younger. That lavender orange sent sounds amazing.