Saturday, September 5, 2009

What an awesome day

Wow! I cannot believe the incredible day all of the SudsMuffins had today. To start off we got to sleep in. Even just a little while is nice ever now and then. We had a super breakfast and as we stepped out to go to the shop we were greeted to an incredibly warm and sunny day.

At the shop, the customers where plentiful and extremely excited. They purchased everything from soap to body frostings and were full of great conversations. Everyone from the young couple from Ontario to the family from New York (the dad traded bad jokes with MiniMuffin, much to her delight) enjoyed the shop and products.

We had an other incredible lunch from our new favorite eatery the Urban Deli. Mrs SudsMuffin had a delightful quiche and I had the best corned beef sandwich I have EVER had. The flavor was not overwhelming nor was it too subtle. It made my taste buds dance. The quiche was excellent in texture and flavor and the crust... the crust was simply amazing. Thank you once again Urban Deli for a great meal.

Work at the shop is progressing at a great rate. We have just about changed all of our old labeling out for our great new logo. Let me tell you it is a whole bunch of work and Mrs SudsMuffin is absolutely the best getting the old labels off, not to mention how awesome her new label designs are.

Well we are all packed up for another great day in St Martins at the Fundy Trail Parkway (lot 6), for Art in The Park. Hope to see you there tomorrow between 1 and 5pm.

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