Friday, August 14, 2009

A True Story about Social Networking

Ever wonder what the big deal is with social networking? What is the hype all about? Well here's a simple little story about it that relates directly to me and to my little soap store in a small city on the east coast of Canada. I think this will help get the message across.

Recently, a great little restaurant called the Urban Deli opened in my city. I tried the food there and loved it so I blogged about it [here]. Then I posted on Twitter about my newest blog post [follow me on Twitter]. A local Tweeter saw my message and re-Tweeted it. The Urban Deli folks saw the re-Tweet and they even blogged about it [here].

A few days later, a customer walked into our store and bought from us, saying that she saw us mentioned on the Urban Deli blog. So it all came around full circle, thanks to Social Networking.

Here's a visual aid I drew up to demonstrate how it worked for us.


Shannon said...

That's very cool!

Audrey said...

That is definitely cool!! Social networking is so much work though!