Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Would like to have your testimonials

HI to all you SudsMuffinites.

I am currently looking for real testimonials from you, my loyal customers both old and new.

I would like to hear from each and every one of you. What did you love best about the product, did you find the service good, was the product priced right, how did it help you (if it did), etc. I just want to know how you enjoyed your purchase. Perhaps you gave it as a gift or received it as a gift. Let us know how that was received.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Our incense sticks are back

I have several brand new batches of my famous Incense Sticks now on the shelves. I have the long-standing favorites of Chocolate and Coconut Cream Sky, plus several new ones including the awesome Fresh Lilac, the delightful Field Berry, the sensuous Sandalwood, and the gentle musky Orange Wood. To complement these great incense sticks, I have procured a limited supply of beautiful soapstone Incense burners made by craftsmen in India. These burners are magnificent yet very simple in design. Each Incense burner sells for $15.00 or you can buy a burner plus 2 packages of Incense for only $20.00. Each Incense pack holds 20 sticks and costs $5.00. See you soon!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Birthday thanks

Don't you love this picture? Mrs SudsMuffin insists that the balloon boobies were completely unintentional. I don't know but she was the one with the viewfinder. Coincidence? I think not.

Anyhow, a great big thank you to all those who came in to the shop on Saturday for a piece of birthday cake and to wish me a Happy Birthday. It was nice seeing so many people and fun to share with you all. I had a great day, capped by a fun night at the drive-in movies with the family. Thanks again!