Saturday, May 30, 2009

A question for you all

Mrs SudsMuffin and I are working together at the shop today and are thinking about making new products. One item that Mrs SudsMuffin suggested was natural deodorant scented in our ever famous chocolate fragrance. If we made this, would you buy it? Is there a different scent you would be interested in? A different product maybe? Let me know.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The lengths our customer will go for our soap

A great couple just left our shop with a bag full of SudsMuffiny goodness. They are on their way from Maine to Virginia and wanted to bring some chocolate soap to their daughter. They came to New Brunswick Canada, looking for this elusive soap. Their first stop was to the Chocolate Museum in St Stephen. They referred them to a shop in St Andrews. That shop who then sent them an hour's drive up the coast to the City Market in Saint John, looking for a business that doesn't exist. While walking around the market, they spoke with a girl who told them about us just the next street over. We're so amused with the chain of events that led them from one place to another to finally end up in our shop. We were happy to meet these folks and hope they have a great trip to Virginia.

Another Great MiniMuffins Party

I would like to thank Jill and Stefan for asking me to host their daughter's birthday party. I had a great time and I think the kids did too! Everyone was attentive, listened well to instructions and they all did a Suds-tastic job! They made soaps, bath salts and yummy smelling lotions. Happy birthday to the Birthday Girl! I hope you all had a blast.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Packaging

Just a quick note to let all you loyal SudsMuffinites know that we now have new packaging for our soaps that I am just in love with. I think you will love it too. It's practical, visually pleasing and best of all, it's made from recycled materials! I think you will find that the new boxes will protect your soap, both in-shop and during shipping. It minimizes handling from avid sniffers, keeps it cleaner from dust and looks beautiful even before it's unwrapped. To celebrate the launch of our new packaging, until June 1st 2009, we'll include one of our new jumbo bath bombs with any purchase of $20 or more. Just mention the blog when you order or buy from us.

Super fun Soap kits!

You asked and I answered. I am very happy to bring to you the news that you and yours can now have great fun crafting soap in your own kitchen! This fun comes in the form of our awesome do-it-yourself soap crafting kits! You can choose your own scents (from 10 fantastic varieties) and colors (blue, red, yellow, green and even pretty glitter). We provide the molds (reusable even!) and you can choose white or clear casting soap. Two droppers are also included to help keep things neat and tidy. We include an instruction sheet that includes hint, tips and ideas of other things to use for molds that you may have around the house. Additional items may be purchased separately.

I am also looking to gauge the interest of anyone looking to take a class in soap crafting. If you are interested, just let me know at

Sunday, May 17, 2009

New perfumes in great new bottles

I looked and looked for these all over the place and poof, I found them. These bottles scream SudsMuffin! They looked so awesome that I just had to fill them with some of my best scents. So here you go folks, introducing our new pink bottles of roll on perfumes in these great fragrances. Raspberry, Amor Mio, Sweet Spot, Purple Lilac, Flutterby, and Watermelon.

We also have great new modern spray bottles in brush aluminum. They are both practical and beautiful. To top off their sleek design, they are filled with some of the greatest body and linen spray I have ever made. Choose from Chocolate, Vanilla Cream, or Raspberry. Be sure to get in and try one today, or maybe try two.

Back by popular demand is our Fresh Lilac solid perfume. It smells so true and clean, you will swear you`re in a lilac grove.