Thursday, April 3, 2008

Bathe with us!

We've got some great new scents in store for warmer weather.
- First there's our mouth-watering tangerine scent Satsuma Sunrise, made in a soap and lotion.
- Lovely Fresh Lilac is back in a bar soap and perfume stick.
- White Peach makes her debut in votive candles and incense cones (complete with cute little burning cups).
- Watermelon Slices is available in Soap Cake Slices and fun little sun-shaped bath bombs called Sun Buddies. We're also working on little Bubble Buddies, which are fizzy AND bubbly.
- We also have a gorgeous new Maple Oat Cake soap and matching bath bombs that smell entirely too edible. The soap looks and smells just like fudge.

Come on in and sniff what's new. There's just too much to list!