Monday, December 24, 2007

What a Christmas Eve!

So on the evening of December 23rd, we went to visit Mrs SudsMuffin's mother. It was a lovely evening of socializing with family and friends. The weather was very mild and by the time we left her house around 11pm, we noticed a delightful crackling coming from the snow as it was melting all around us. When we arrived home, we noticed a large, deep puddle in our driveway, right where the front tires of the car sit. We could hear water running and thought it was run-off from the snowbanks running down to our driveway from the adjacent lawns. I told Mrs SudsMuffin that I would go in and change into my boots and come back out and cut a trench through the snow to allow the excess water to drain out to the back yard.

Well, when I went back outside (now close to midnight), I quickly saw that this was no thawing snowbanks. There was water bubbling up from the ground, under my car and it was making a very muddy river down the driveway to the back of our yard. I immediately called the city water department, who came out to take a look within the hour. He was pretty sure we had a water main break and that it would destroy our yard and others in the neighbourhood if it wasn't taken care of right away. So he turned off the water for the street and called in the city works crew. By 4am on Christmas Eve, there was a backhoe, many dumptrucks and men digging a large hole right in our driveway. Those trucks dug and beeped all through the night, fixing the broken main. By 9am, they were in the process of filling it all back in. We are in awe at how quickly they responded and took care of the problem, even on Christmas Eve.

Here's the only picture I took of the mess before it was all done. For now, we are still parking on the street because they didn't have the right kind of gravel to top it all off with due to the time of year, and the driveway is very high and uneven at the moment. They will be coming back in the Spring and fixing the whole thing.

I'm just thankful that it wasn't worse. It turned out to be a city owned water-main and not our private service line, so that was a good sort of reverse Christmas gift I guess.

Hope you all have a great and wonderful Christmas and that Santa finds you all with SudsMuffin stuff under your trees!

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