Sunday, December 16, 2007

So BUSY!!!!!!!!

First let me say I am sorry to have kept all you Sudsmuffinites in the dark! It has been some time since my last post. We have been more than busy. We have had two major shows and a couple of smaller shows all in the time between my last post and now. To top it off, those Super Kids from the Hampton JA are giving this old soapmaker a run for his money. They are selling a whole bunch of their pamper kits. The more they sell, the more they purchase. The more they purchase, the more I need to make. What a terrific dilemma to be in! On top of all this deliciously wonderful chaos, Mrs Sudsmuffin and I have taken to planning a very special invitation only newsletter for a members only night just in time for Valentines, so keep your eyes peeled for that email!

Today we are spending time with family and friends and hope that all of you who are out there celebrating Christmas or even their own personal holiday, enjoys good times and peace on this Christmas day. Happy Holidays to you all and we hope to see you and hear from you all in the New Year.

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