Thursday, November 22, 2007


Hey everyone, this is just a reminder to all our friends at UNBSJ that they receive a 15% discount off all regular prices. I would also like to announce the return of our much loved Amor Mio fragrance. This delightful scent combines peaches, mandarins and a white floral bouquet. I have created a soothing massage oil, bath salts and a brand NEW product called Honey Moons all incorporating this awesome fragrance. I can't wait to share it with my great customers.

Honey Moons are similar to my Bath Bombs. These wonderful little numbers are an answer to the call from my customers to make a "Bubble Bath". Although not a true liquid bubble bath, Honey Moons will provide an abundance of bubbles. A mild surfactant is mixed with salts, REAL liquid organic honey, honey powder, baking soda, colour and fragrance to create a relaxing, bubbly bath time indulgence.

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