Monday, October 8, 2007

MiniMuffins Baby Care Kit - Soap, Powder, Massage Oil, Bum Ointment

Our MiniMuffins Baby Care Kit comes with all you need for baby's bath and sensitive skin. Includes a 60g (2oz) bar of unscented castile soap, 115g (3.9oz) powder, 60ml (2oz) bum ointment, 30ml (1oz) baby massage & bath oil and two soft face clothes, all packaged in a beautiful keepsake box. Available only in our Etsy shop.

Baby Soapah - Our gentlest soap is an unscented pure olive oil soap with a touch of castor oil for soft bubbles
Baby Powdah - A gentle talc-free baby powder, unscented and naturally soft with cornstarch & arrowroot powders
Bum Buttah - A soothing, protective diaper ointment, unscented and made with rich mango butter, olive oil & beeswax. Note- Mango butter crystallization is normal and will melt at body temperature.
Baby Oilz - Treat your baby to a soothing massage with our silky blend of rice bran oil, apricot kernel oil and specially treated coconut oil. May also be used to soften "cradle cap" or add a couple of drops to baby's bath water for soft baby skin.

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