Friday, September 7, 2007

What's new in the shop?

Hey it's Mrs SudsMuffin! Just want to give y'all an idea of what great new stuff we've been making recently at the shop.

Room Sprays- Snooping in the Attic and Ski Bunniez
Votive Candles- Ski Bunniez, Vanilla Sandalwood, Walk Like An Egyptian, Wee Blossom
Bath Bombs- Signature
Soap- Ginger & Mary Ann and a restock on Ravenscliffe
Massage Oil- Snooping in the Attic and Sam & Janet Evening
Dry Oil Perfume- Stephanotis
Lotion- Stephanotis

Assorted Gift Baskets for $25 each. Perfect as a ready-to-give package.

Whew! No wonder we've been busy! Will have pics later tonight since Mr SudsMuffin left the camera at the shop last night.


Nate's Wife said...

Ahhh sudsmuffin! Verrrrry crafty entry! A++ and a Winner through and throug!! I hope you don't want to eat the Breakfast Dragon as much as I want to eat your soap....

Have a Soaper Day! You guys are the best!

xo Nate's Wife

Brandi said...

Ski Bunniez!! What a fantastic name!