Friday, September 21, 2007

We've been tagged!

We've been tagged by Brandi at Catie's Blue! Our assignment is to share 6 weird things about ourselves. Then we have to tag 6 others, they have to do the same, and it goes from there.

Here goes!

1. Mr SudsMuffin is **extremely** ticklish. I can't even nuzzle him. He squirms away in giggling fits.

2. Mr SudsMuffin grows freakishly long eyebrow hairs. The hairdresser has to trim them whenever he gets his hair cut.

3. Mrs SudsMuffin doesn't like the taste of alcohol. She even drank cranberry juice when she got married.

4. Mrs SudsMuffin has one foot shorter than the other by an inch. It can make shoe buying a tad difficult.

5. Mini Muffin can count to ten (and higher) in English, French, Spanish & Japanese.

6. Mini Muffin loves to make jewelry and has just opened her own etsy shop.

My tags:
1. Anodyne Design
2. Nate's Wife
3. Persuede
4. Shabby Cottage Studio
5. This Girl Beads
6. Organic Stills


Brandi said...

Ugh, seaweed is the worst. I hate the smell!! When I was little (back in Hawaii), my school used to sprinkle seaweed flakes over their rice and expect us to eat it. NO. WAY. :) The nuns there called me petulant, but I prefer the term "selective".

And YAY! I'm glad you got my package safe and sound! Annnnnd that you like it! My sister loves "sets" as opposed to "separates", and I wasn't sure if you preferred one or the other, so I used what I had so you can wear them together or separately! :) I am sooooooo glad you like them.

And yep, I'm totally sneaky! hahaha (that's my evil laugh)

P.S. Mini Muffin sounds brilliant! She's multi-lingual - I've decided I want my niece to be multi-lingual, too.

Shannon @ Anodyne Design said...

Thanks for tagging me! My post about it will be up in the morning. :)