Thursday, September 27, 2007

You asked and I delivered!

After many requests for Goats Milk soap, the SudsMuffin has gone beyond the call of duty. After much searching I found a local supplier for fresh New Brunswick goats milk. I have just cut two batches of creamy, delightful Goats Milk soap this week. One is a straightforward simple soap. The other is an amazing blend of honey and oats which gives it a natural cookie scent that is to die for. These little babies will be ready to go in a few weeks. I can't wait to put them out on the shelves!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome the Fall!

We love the Fall at SudsMuffin and we hope you do too! Come on in for a visit and a sniff. We have all kinds of beautiful soap cakes, just ready to give away for gifts or as a special treat for yourself. Our pile of bath bombs is getting bigger, we have two new scents of incense ready for the shelves, a new lotion, and a great selection of products perfect for baby too!

This week only, until September 30th, buy two regularly priced soaps and get the 3rd one free! That's right! Just because we love our customers so much! Order from our website: and we'll adjust your purchase after payment or come in to the store at 135 Union Street, Saint John NB, and pick your favourite three soaps. We can't wait to see you!

Friday, September 21, 2007

We've been tagged!

We've been tagged by Brandi at Catie's Blue! Our assignment is to share 6 weird things about ourselves. Then we have to tag 6 others, they have to do the same, and it goes from there.

Here goes!

1. Mr SudsMuffin is **extremely** ticklish. I can't even nuzzle him. He squirms away in giggling fits.

2. Mr SudsMuffin grows freakishly long eyebrow hairs. The hairdresser has to trim them whenever he gets his hair cut.

3. Mrs SudsMuffin doesn't like the taste of alcohol. She even drank cranberry juice when she got married.

4. Mrs SudsMuffin has one foot shorter than the other by an inch. It can make shoe buying a tad difficult.

5. Mini Muffin can count to ten (and higher) in English, French, Spanish & Japanese.

6. Mini Muffin loves to make jewelry and has just opened her own etsy shop.

My tags:
1. Anodyne Design
2. Nate's Wife
3. Persuede
4. Shabby Cottage Studio
5. This Girl Beads
6. Organic Stills

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Boy, today was some rainy!

Nobody else was willing to brave the downpour so we had a very slow day at the shop (read: nobody came in). And to top it off, the trusty SudsMuffinMobile wasn't so trusty today. It conked out in the grocery store parking lot and Mr SudsMuffin and Grampa SudsMuffin got soaked trying to fix it. By some fluke, it started up again but I don't think our troubles are over with it. So if you're feeling like you're in need of some of our products, for the month of September, if you say "SudsMuffinMobile", we'll give you 15% off (not in combination with other coupons please.) We, and the SudsMuffinMobile appreciate it. We'll even extend the discount to the website (put "SudsMuffinMobile" in the comments) and we'll refund you the 15% off after payment.

I also wanted to mention that, being bored at the shop today, I made all new tags for the soaps. They're pretty nifty, if not downright artsy-fartsy. No pictures though, since the camera was in the car, and the car was, well, you know...

See you all later!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Get Ready for SudsMuffin Gear

Our super-cute SudsMuffin pink t-shirts and tote bags are almost ready. There will be limited numbers available. Pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Shea is Coming! The Shea is Coming!

For all those anxiously awaiting a re-stock of our whipped shea butter, we are pleased to inform you that it will be here soon. If you haven't used shea butter before, let me tell you that it's gorgeous stuff. Use it on extremely dry skin, like heels, knees & elbows. Sooth cracking skin caused by eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea and other conditions. We won't promise you that it will cure what ails you, but our customers tell us over and over that it has helped tremendously, where other products did not.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our Fall Newsletter is Out

Be sure to check it out:

SudsMuffin Newsletter

A lovely weekend

So the Culture Crawl Tour went smoothly yesterday. There was not as much student participation as we would have expected but we are still happy to have been able to introduce our shop to a new group of potential customers. :)

I forgot to mention that we also have two new incense scents currently drying- Ski Bunniez and Lemongrass Sage.

Have a bright and sunny Sunday!

Friday, September 7, 2007

What's new in the shop?

Hey it's Mrs SudsMuffin! Just want to give y'all an idea of what great new stuff we've been making recently at the shop.

Room Sprays- Snooping in the Attic and Ski Bunniez
Votive Candles- Ski Bunniez, Vanilla Sandalwood, Walk Like An Egyptian, Wee Blossom
Bath Bombs- Signature
Soap- Ginger & Mary Ann and a restock on Ravenscliffe
Massage Oil- Snooping in the Attic and Sam & Janet Evening
Dry Oil Perfume- Stephanotis
Lotion- Stephanotis

Assorted Gift Baskets for $25 each. Perfect as a ready-to-give package.

Whew! No wonder we've been busy! Will have pics later tonight since Mr SudsMuffin left the camera at the shop last night.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cruisers and Crawlers

It was nice to have a day off on Monday for Labour Day. It already seems so long ago that I don't even remember what I did with the day. Tuesday and Wednesday brought back to back cruise ships into the port. September and October will be the busiest months for the ships here. Although the dock isn't that far from our shop, not many cruisers seem to make their way up here. If somebody is covering the shop for me, I will sometimes go down to the docks and hand out little fliers with maps on them, with the hopes of leading them in my direction. Otherwise, we love meeting cruisers and sharing our great city with them.

On Saturday September 8th, the University and Uptown Saint John are hosting a Culture Crawl for new and returning UNB students. A list of Hot Spots have been mapped out for the tour and SudsMuffin is the second stop! We're very excited to be greeting and welcoming students to our shop for the Crawl and are looking forward to a very special day! We'll do what we can to take pictures too.

Monday, September 3, 2007

This Rocks My Socks

Hi all! It's Mrs SudsMuffin here. I have to take a moment and share a wonderful blog, called This Rocks My Socks, started up by Brandi of Catie's Blue. She has decided to interview online artisans and promote them to the world. Her first interview was with Nate's Wife, of N is for Nate.

Having just discovered Nate's Wife and (fallen in love with) her shop a few weeks ago, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this interview by way of IndiePublic. I commented to the blogger about how much I enjoyed the interview, not realizing that the blogger was Brandi, who has left comments all over this blog. Ah the lovely circle of the web...

So Brandi then interviewed yours truly for her blog, which makes me happier than a bath full of bubbles. Do take a gander then make sure you also take some time to visit Brandi's and Nate's Wife's shops. (say *that* three times fast.)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Pucker Up Soap Cake

Cranberry & Lemon, drizzled in pink soap frosting, with deep pink dots throughout