Monday, August 6, 2007

Link-Balm Giveaway

We know that folks LOVE SudsMuffin's smooth, creamy, soothing lip balms so we're having a "Link-Balm" draw to get the word out there about them.

Link to our blog or our website on your blog or website and we will enter you for a chance to win one of every lip balm flavour SudsMuffin has in store (a $44 value!).

Here's the current line up:
- Tiramisu
- Banana Nut
- Black Forest
- Cocoa Loco
- Cuke & Melon
- Grape Jelly
- Sasparilla
- Creamsicle
- Jazzberry
- Honey Bee
- Utter Nonsense (unflavoured)

Leave a comment so we can see where you linked to us. We will consider all entries up until October 1st, 2007.


iSew said...

I will gladly link to your blog from mine. I am especially glad to find you guys as I am a Maritime wannabe. I even applied for residency, but was turned down. I am still very sad. I've spent lots of time in Nova Scotia and some in NB too. I love it all! Good luck to ya.

SudsMuffin said...

Thank you so much for your link! You are in the Link-Balm draw now! :)

Anodyne said...

Oh my gosh... you have NO IDEA how much I love lip balm. It's an addiction. I have at least 4 going now, and I have one on me at all times. I'll be posting about your blog (and my deep everlasting love of lip balm) first thing tomorrow. So glad I found your blog. :)

Christina said...

I just posted about you!

SudsMuffin said...

Thank you Christina! I love your blog post and it's so true. It's so much fun to connect the dots and find a hidden treasure. I've just added a link to your blog in my faves on the blog too. I've added you to the Link-Balm contest and I'll put in an extra Tiramisu balm in your package for you, just cause you were so sweet.

Shine on!

Mrs SudsMuffin

organicstills said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I thought I'd come check yours out and everything is so yummy sounding that I'm now hungry... =)

Anyway, I have linked to your blog from my blog as well. Yay!

SudsMuffin said...

Thank you so much! :) I've entered you in our contest too!

Christina said...

Thanks! That was so very nice of you! I can't wait to try out the tiramisu lip balm!

Shannon said...

I'm anxious to hear how this contest turned out... have you chosen a winner? :)