Friday, August 24, 2007

Hi from the SudsMuffin!

Overdue Thanks - Thank to all the great folks who have linked to our blog recently and who have left comments. Thank to each and every one of the fantastic people who continue to shop our store's both online and physical locations. Finally, a huge thank you to Mrs SudsMuffin for all her hard work on all our sites.

On to Business - This morning, I am hosting a few children from the Atlantica Center for the Arts. I am going to be doing some product demonstrations and the kids will be making a few bath treats to take home.

I've been busy all this week making up new soap cakes, lotions, bath bombs & perfumes. I hope you will drop in to see all the great new goodies.

Have a good Friday and come on in to the shop to see me if you're in this area.

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