Friday, July 20, 2007

Attention to detail

Hey, it's Mrs SudsMuffin chiming in again.

I had lunch with some out-of-town colleagues yesterday at a local restaurant. The place had a beautiful view of the river, fabulous cliff side location, comfortable padded chairs and a great solarium. The menus, however, were poorly copied, well used and grease-stained. How much would it cost to print up some fifty full-colour menus and laminate them? What would it say about the restaurant? The menus become washable and sturdy and will last much longer.

The waitress was nice and professional. She tended to us well. Just before serving our meals to us, she placed two bottles of ketchup on the table. The bottle in front of me had two large smears of tartar sauce on it. It was hard to pick up the bottle without getting your fingers in the shmootz. This little problem would have been easy to avoid if washing down the bottles was part of the table bussing process.

At the end of our nevertheless tasty meal, we were each offered a choice of mints. You could have a red & white one or the vile green & white one. I'm glad I had a choice.

If we miss the mark on simple details like this at SudsMuffin, we want to know about it. We hope you will tell us.

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