Sunday, June 17, 2007

Spa Party in my Neighbourhood

A HUGE special thanks to Jolene for hosting a SudsMuffin Spa Party. I massaged more than a few pairs of tootsies and fingies last night. Everybody had a great time, including me, but I'm disappointed that they didn't take me up on my offer to do a full Monty. (actually, nobody wants to see that... not even me.)

After a delicious Father's Day breakfast at Cora's this morning, we went back to the shop and packaged up the rest of last night's orders, made some votive candles and Little Miss Mini Muffin was a great help at re-stocking the shelves. (Thanks Pumpkin!)

Tonight is a family gathering for Mrs SudsMuffin's father's birthday (and Father's Day) with possibly a dip in the river being on the schedule for the Mini Muffin. She doesn't care if it's still cold.

I'm off to make a bean salad and wrap a gift. Later folks and Happy Father's Day!

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