Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Continuing Cruise Ship Saga

So the Cruise Ship finally did come in today but it was overcast and foggy until late in the afternoon when it eventually cleared up. Only one passenger managed to find us, however not in response to pamphlets that Darlene was handing out down where the rest of the vendors hang out. This passenger was quite taken by our soap cakes (who can blame him?) and thought they were real (Again, no surprise, heh heh). He said he would take a look at our website and wanted to know how much to ship one to Washington. I guess I haven't really considered shipping these puppies as the cost would seem prohibitive. But if you're jonesing for our cakes, we're happy to box it up and ship it to wherever your nearest bath is.

At the end of the day, my local customers just rock. They are the ones who keep coming back for more and more and more, and that has to mean we're doing something right, right?

Next cruise ship - Monday, June 18th.

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