Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sweet Spot!

Hey everybody! It's MamaMuffin!

Well it's official! My NEW favourite scent is definitely Sweet Spot! Oh my goodness! It's JUST amazing! You HAVE to smell it for yourself but take my word for it, it's simply delicious smelling. It's like this sweet vanilla cotton candy and caramel, with juicy oranges and apples and a hint of delicate florals. It's just addictive! Mr SudsMuffin massaged my feet last night with some of our Sweet Spot lotion and when I swung my legs out of bed this morning, I could still smell it!

As you can see from the picture, we now have the lotion all bottled up, and we also have it packaged up in cute little envelopes, just like in this other picture. I am also making it into a solid perfume balm and let's not forget the bubbling bath drops that foam up into a mountain of bubbles in the tub. Hmmm... I think I might have to take a bath tonight.

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