Monday, December 24, 2007

What a Christmas Eve!

So on the evening of December 23rd, we went to visit Mrs SudsMuffin's mother. It was a lovely evening of socializing with family and friends. The weather was very mild and by the time we left her house around 11pm, we noticed a delightful crackling coming from the snow as it was melting all around us. When we arrived home, we noticed a large, deep puddle in our driveway, right where the front tires of the car sit. We could hear water running and thought it was run-off from the snowbanks running down to our driveway from the adjacent lawns. I told Mrs SudsMuffin that I would go in and change into my boots and come back out and cut a trench through the snow to allow the excess water to drain out to the back yard.

Well, when I went back outside (now close to midnight), I quickly saw that this was no thawing snowbanks. There was water bubbling up from the ground, under my car and it was making a very muddy river down the driveway to the back of our yard. I immediately called the city water department, who came out to take a look within the hour. He was pretty sure we had a water main break and that it would destroy our yard and others in the neighbourhood if it wasn't taken care of right away. So he turned off the water for the street and called in the city works crew. By 4am on Christmas Eve, there was a backhoe, many dumptrucks and men digging a large hole right in our driveway. Those trucks dug and beeped all through the night, fixing the broken main. By 9am, they were in the process of filling it all back in. We are in awe at how quickly they responded and took care of the problem, even on Christmas Eve.

Here's the only picture I took of the mess before it was all done. For now, we are still parking on the street because they didn't have the right kind of gravel to top it all off with due to the time of year, and the driveway is very high and uneven at the moment. They will be coming back in the Spring and fixing the whole thing.

I'm just thankful that it wasn't worse. It turned out to be a city owned water-main and not our private service line, so that was a good sort of reverse Christmas gift I guess.

Hope you all have a great and wonderful Christmas and that Santa finds you all with SudsMuffin stuff under your trees!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

So BUSY!!!!!!!!

First let me say I am sorry to have kept all you Sudsmuffinites in the dark! It has been some time since my last post. We have been more than busy. We have had two major shows and a couple of smaller shows all in the time between my last post and now. To top it off, those Super Kids from the Hampton JA are giving this old soapmaker a run for his money. They are selling a whole bunch of their pamper kits. The more they sell, the more they purchase. The more they purchase, the more I need to make. What a terrific dilemma to be in! On top of all this deliciously wonderful chaos, Mrs Sudsmuffin and I have taken to planning a very special invitation only newsletter for a members only night just in time for Valentines, so keep your eyes peeled for that email!

Today we are spending time with family and friends and hope that all of you who are out there celebrating Christmas or even their own personal holiday, enjoys good times and peace on this Christmas day. Happy Holidays to you all and we hope to see you and hear from you all in the New Year.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Customer feedback - This is what keeps you going

We received the following glowing feedback from a happy customer. (Thanks so much Sheri!)

Just wanted to let you know I received my order. It was a joy from the moment I unwrapped the brown paper -- what a wonderful box my soaps arrived in. I'll be able to leave it on my work desk and NEVER forget you!

Your massage oil is the best ever!! And I'm sure I'll be ordering more of that in the near future.

I love your soaps too -- there's something about them that makes them feel sooooo nice.

And thanks for the lip balm. It was a wonderful surprise. I normally don't use lip balms, but I am really enjoying yours. It's creamy!!

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that your items are fabulous. I'll be a repeat customer.

It just doesn't get any better than that folks. :)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Congratulations to Jan Waldschutz

We've been collecting names for a few months now for a draw of an upcycled Diaper Bag, made by Mrs SudsMuffin, from a pair of our Mini Muffin's overalls from when she was a preschooler. We finally drew tickets and pulled the name of Jan Waldschutz as the winner. The bag is fully lined, comes with a matching burp pad and a selection of baby products from our Mini Muffins line. Included was a castile Baby Soapah, a cornstarch Baby Powdah, Baby Massage Oilz and our luxury Bum Buttah.

Congratulations Jan! We see a happy baby on the horizon.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Hey everyone, this is just a reminder to all our friends at UNBSJ that they receive a 15% discount off all regular prices. I would also like to announce the return of our much loved Amor Mio fragrance. This delightful scent combines peaches, mandarins and a white floral bouquet. I have created a soothing massage oil, bath salts and a brand NEW product called Honey Moons all incorporating this awesome fragrance. I can't wait to share it with my great customers.

Honey Moons are similar to my Bath Bombs. These wonderful little numbers are an answer to the call from my customers to make a "Bubble Bath". Although not a true liquid bubble bath, Honey Moons will provide an abundance of bubbles. A mild surfactant is mixed with salts, REAL liquid organic honey, honey powder, baking soda, colour and fragrance to create a relaxing, bubbly bath time indulgence.

Monday, November 19, 2007

We're Back!

Hi folks, did you miss us? We missed you! Well now, where do I begin? Oh yes, a great big thanks goes out to JOSH from a local Junior Achievement group for his help at my booth during this past weekend's Rhoda's Christmas Craft Fair. Great work Josh! Now the Fair itself was ok. I found the people to be wonderful and friendly, but for some odd reason they weren't fully in a shopping mood yet. If you didn't get a chance to see us at the show, make sure you drop by our store and pick up all your soapy needs for Christmas gift-giving.

Stay tuned for news in the next couple of weeks. We have a surprise event coming up for our local customers. You won't want to miss it!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's Snowing (or rather, it was)

I love the snow! Snow sets me in the mood for Christmas so it seems appropriate that I spent the day decorating our little shop window and hanging lights.

I still need to add few touches. I am looking forward to an awesome Christmas Fair season. Remember to come see us for a special basket made just for your loved ones. Our gift boxes and baskets also make great office gifts.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Spa Parties

Hey there folks. This is the time of year that minds turn to social gatherings and parties. It is also the time of year that is perfect for an awesome SudsMuffin Spa party that earns the host great discounts on SudsMuffin products. You invite the guests and we will come to your home. We do the product demonstrations then for those willing, the SudsMuffin himself will give an awesome foot and/or hand massage. For anyone in the Saint John Area who is interested, contact us at or call 672-9248.

Our past parties have been great fun and very successful for all involved. We look forward to all inquiries. You can check out the details on our website

Friday, November 9, 2007

JA "Sudz & Stuff"

This is a quick thank you to the Junior Achievers group in Hampton NB for choosing to go with our products to put in the gift bags that they are selling. This group of high energy and really smart kids are doing a super fantastic job. They have the SudsMuffin hopping like a bunny to keep up with demand! Way to go kids! I am very proud to be associated with such a great effort.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Had a great week-end!

Hi folks,
Many many apologies for my lack of posts recently. The SudsMuffin has been quite busy. I just wanted to take a few moments to describe my completely awesome Saturday sale at Fundy High School in St George. I left Saint John in the wee hours of the morning to drive in the dark after dropping Mrs SudsMuffin off at our store on Union St (what a trooper to get up that early). After an uneventful drive, I arrived in pristine St George only to get turned around by some well intentioned directions that took me several kilometers out of my way. I made my way back just in time to start to set up. I was greeted by a very excited Maxine (the organizer). There were some big strong lads that helped bring in all the vendors goodies. This turned out to be my BEST 1-day show EVER! I want to thank everyone who purchased my products and who inquired about wholesale. I talked with some of the most wonderful people and felt very welcome. Maxine, you ran a very very good show. I greatly appreciate your hard work. The crowd seemed to love my Chocolate Cake line the best. For those who asked, my new Warm Coconut scent lotion will be ready within a day.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

MiniMuffin has a shop on Etsy too!

Check out our MiniMuffin's shop on Etsy. She has sold two pieces already.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Have you seen Etsy?

No, not Betsy. Etsy! Let me just tell you. Etsy is this wonderful place online where independant artists and artisans sell their work. It's all made by their own hands. It's a great spot for trend-watching and learning and appreciating a new art or craft. Truly there are some talented people on Etsy.

One shop I have discovered is Displaced Moose. Beth is a fellow Canadian who finds herself in the UK, thanks to the draw of true love. She crochets absolutely gorgeous hats, scarves, wraps and more, and will ship anywhere. This turquoise scarf looks so cozy and warm. And this hat is just so sweet and spicy. I love it!

Please take a moment to check out her shop and take a stroll through Etsy while you're there. You'll probably feel the call of love too once you discover all Etsy has to offer.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Buzz & Munch Goats Milk Soap is Ready

Made with fresh local goats milk, soothing local honey along with the exfoliating benefits of local organic ground oatmeal. Our wildly popular goats milk soap has no added fragrance but has a natural scent that will remind you of baked cookies. This one is a house favorite! We recommend stocking up before it's all gone!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New set up for Christmas Shows

Hi there SudsMuffinites!

Just a quick note to let you know that we will be offering great prepackaged gift sets this year at our Christmas shows. This will make it simpler for our customers to quickly pick up a superb basket of our awesome products. For those only looking for a few small items, we will have a limited selection on hand and our shop will also be open during the shows. Make sure to watch for us at the Pioneer Christmas Craft Show in Brunswick Square, across from Laura Secords as always, and at Rhoda's Christmas Craft Celebration on the main arena floor at Harbour Station.

See you there!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Frosted Soap Muffins - Pics at last!

Can you believe babies? They smell as good as they look! Here is a peek at the listing we have up for these on Etsy. It's the only place you can get them other than right at our shop.

Spiced Pumpkin Souffle Jumbo Soap Muffin with Buttercream Frosting
We dare you to leave this beautiful frosted soap muffin on a table and see if somebody doesn't try to take a bite. Our new soap muffin is made of our cold-processed silk-infused soap recipe in a seasonal Spiced Pumpkin Soufflé scent, swirled with cocoa powder and topped with a luscious, almost edible frosting, in a buttercream scent. The frosting is made of food grade ingredients and will easily melt off of the soap, leaving behind bubbly goodness, that is, if you can bring yourself to use it.

This soap makes a perfect gift for any special event. Pop a small birthday cake candle on it and you're all set. There are just so many ways to have fun with it.

Hydrogenated soybean oil, water, sodium hydroxide, olea europaea (olive) oil, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, parfum, sodium lactate, cocoa powder, silk

1 muffin - approx 6oz or 180g

Monday, October 8, 2007

MiniMuffins Baby Care Kit - Soap, Powder, Massage Oil, Bum Ointment

Our MiniMuffins Baby Care Kit comes with all you need for baby's bath and sensitive skin. Includes a 60g (2oz) bar of unscented castile soap, 115g (3.9oz) powder, 60ml (2oz) bum ointment, 30ml (1oz) baby massage & bath oil and two soft face clothes, all packaged in a beautiful keepsake box. Available only in our Etsy shop.

Baby Soapah - Our gentlest soap is an unscented pure olive oil soap with a touch of castor oil for soft bubbles
Baby Powdah - A gentle talc-free baby powder, unscented and naturally soft with cornstarch & arrowroot powders
Bum Buttah - A soothing, protective diaper ointment, unscented and made with rich mango butter, olive oil & beeswax. Note- Mango butter crystallization is normal and will melt at body temperature.
Baby Oilz - Treat your baby to a soothing massage with our silky blend of rice bran oil, apricot kernel oil and specially treated coconut oil. May also be used to soften "cradle cap" or add a couple of drops to baby's bath water for soft baby skin.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Frosted Soap Muffins, coming soon!

Keep an eye out for these beauties! They are fabulous super-sized Soap Muffins in a lovely pumpkin pie spice scent, topped with a rich, sweet buttercream frosting that you will have to resist eating. Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

You asked and I delivered!

After many requests for Goats Milk soap, the SudsMuffin has gone beyond the call of duty. After much searching I found a local supplier for fresh New Brunswick goats milk. I have just cut two batches of creamy, delightful Goats Milk soap this week. One is a straightforward simple soap. The other is an amazing blend of honey and oats which gives it a natural cookie scent that is to die for. These little babies will be ready to go in a few weeks. I can't wait to put them out on the shelves!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Welcome the Fall!

We love the Fall at SudsMuffin and we hope you do too! Come on in for a visit and a sniff. We have all kinds of beautiful soap cakes, just ready to give away for gifts or as a special treat for yourself. Our pile of bath bombs is getting bigger, we have two new scents of incense ready for the shelves, a new lotion, and a great selection of products perfect for baby too!

This week only, until September 30th, buy two regularly priced soaps and get the 3rd one free! That's right! Just because we love our customers so much! Order from our website: and we'll adjust your purchase after payment or come in to the store at 135 Union Street, Saint John NB, and pick your favourite three soaps. We can't wait to see you!

Friday, September 21, 2007

We've been tagged!

We've been tagged by Brandi at Catie's Blue! Our assignment is to share 6 weird things about ourselves. Then we have to tag 6 others, they have to do the same, and it goes from there.

Here goes!

1. Mr SudsMuffin is **extremely** ticklish. I can't even nuzzle him. He squirms away in giggling fits.

2. Mr SudsMuffin grows freakishly long eyebrow hairs. The hairdresser has to trim them whenever he gets his hair cut.

3. Mrs SudsMuffin doesn't like the taste of alcohol. She even drank cranberry juice when she got married.

4. Mrs SudsMuffin has one foot shorter than the other by an inch. It can make shoe buying a tad difficult.

5. Mini Muffin can count to ten (and higher) in English, French, Spanish & Japanese.

6. Mini Muffin loves to make jewelry and has just opened her own etsy shop.

My tags:
1. Anodyne Design
2. Nate's Wife
3. Persuede
4. Shabby Cottage Studio
5. This Girl Beads
6. Organic Stills

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Boy, today was some rainy!

Nobody else was willing to brave the downpour so we had a very slow day at the shop (read: nobody came in). And to top it off, the trusty SudsMuffinMobile wasn't so trusty today. It conked out in the grocery store parking lot and Mr SudsMuffin and Grampa SudsMuffin got soaked trying to fix it. By some fluke, it started up again but I don't think our troubles are over with it. So if you're feeling like you're in need of some of our products, for the month of September, if you say "SudsMuffinMobile", we'll give you 15% off (not in combination with other coupons please.) We, and the SudsMuffinMobile appreciate it. We'll even extend the discount to the website (put "SudsMuffinMobile" in the comments) and we'll refund you the 15% off after payment.

I also wanted to mention that, being bored at the shop today, I made all new tags for the soaps. They're pretty nifty, if not downright artsy-fartsy. No pictures though, since the camera was in the car, and the car was, well, you know...

See you all later!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Get Ready for SudsMuffin Gear

Our super-cute SudsMuffin pink t-shirts and tote bags are almost ready. There will be limited numbers available. Pictures coming soon!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Shea is Coming! The Shea is Coming!

For all those anxiously awaiting a re-stock of our whipped shea butter, we are pleased to inform you that it will be here soon. If you haven't used shea butter before, let me tell you that it's gorgeous stuff. Use it on extremely dry skin, like heels, knees & elbows. Sooth cracking skin caused by eczema, psoriasis, seborrhea and other conditions. We won't promise you that it will cure what ails you, but our customers tell us over and over that it has helped tremendously, where other products did not.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Our Fall Newsletter is Out

Be sure to check it out:

SudsMuffin Newsletter

A lovely weekend

So the Culture Crawl Tour went smoothly yesterday. There was not as much student participation as we would have expected but we are still happy to have been able to introduce our shop to a new group of potential customers. :)

I forgot to mention that we also have two new incense scents currently drying- Ski Bunniez and Lemongrass Sage.

Have a bright and sunny Sunday!

Friday, September 7, 2007

What's new in the shop?

Hey it's Mrs SudsMuffin! Just want to give y'all an idea of what great new stuff we've been making recently at the shop.

Room Sprays- Snooping in the Attic and Ski Bunniez
Votive Candles- Ski Bunniez, Vanilla Sandalwood, Walk Like An Egyptian, Wee Blossom
Bath Bombs- Signature
Soap- Ginger & Mary Ann and a restock on Ravenscliffe
Massage Oil- Snooping in the Attic and Sam & Janet Evening
Dry Oil Perfume- Stephanotis
Lotion- Stephanotis

Assorted Gift Baskets for $25 each. Perfect as a ready-to-give package.

Whew! No wonder we've been busy! Will have pics later tonight since Mr SudsMuffin left the camera at the shop last night.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cruisers and Crawlers

It was nice to have a day off on Monday for Labour Day. It already seems so long ago that I don't even remember what I did with the day. Tuesday and Wednesday brought back to back cruise ships into the port. September and October will be the busiest months for the ships here. Although the dock isn't that far from our shop, not many cruisers seem to make their way up here. If somebody is covering the shop for me, I will sometimes go down to the docks and hand out little fliers with maps on them, with the hopes of leading them in my direction. Otherwise, we love meeting cruisers and sharing our great city with them.

On Saturday September 8th, the University and Uptown Saint John are hosting a Culture Crawl for new and returning UNB students. A list of Hot Spots have been mapped out for the tour and SudsMuffin is the second stop! We're very excited to be greeting and welcoming students to our shop for the Crawl and are looking forward to a very special day! We'll do what we can to take pictures too.

Monday, September 3, 2007

This Rocks My Socks

Hi all! It's Mrs SudsMuffin here. I have to take a moment and share a wonderful blog, called This Rocks My Socks, started up by Brandi of Catie's Blue. She has decided to interview online artisans and promote them to the world. Her first interview was with Nate's Wife, of N is for Nate.

Having just discovered Nate's Wife and (fallen in love with) her shop a few weeks ago, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this interview by way of IndiePublic. I commented to the blogger about how much I enjoyed the interview, not realizing that the blogger was Brandi, who has left comments all over this blog. Ah the lovely circle of the web...

So Brandi then interviewed yours truly for her blog, which makes me happier than a bath full of bubbles. Do take a gander then make sure you also take some time to visit Brandi's and Nate's Wife's shops. (say *that* three times fast.)

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Pucker Up Soap Cake

Cranberry & Lemon, drizzled in pink soap frosting, with deep pink dots throughout

Friday, August 31, 2007

i haz a SudsMuffin - ya wantz some?

We will be placing some fun little posters around the uptown high schools starting this weekend. Keep an eye out for them. If you're familiar with the "i can has cheezburger?" pictures, you'll understand the posters. ;)

Have a great Labour Day weekend everybody! We will be open on Saturday but closed on Sunday & Monday for our own little Labour break.

And now, back to the cakes:

Monday, August 27, 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

Hi from the SudsMuffin!

Overdue Thanks - Thank to all the great folks who have linked to our blog recently and who have left comments. Thank to each and every one of the fantastic people who continue to shop our store's both online and physical locations. Finally, a huge thank you to Mrs SudsMuffin for all her hard work on all our sites.

On to Business - This morning, I am hosting a few children from the Atlantica Center for the Arts. I am going to be doing some product demonstrations and the kids will be making a few bath treats to take home.

I've been busy all this week making up new soap cakes, lotions, bath bombs & perfumes. I hope you will drop in to see all the great new goodies.

Have a good Friday and come on in to the shop to see me if you're in this area.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

New Soap Cake - Purple Sugar

This one has the scent of fresh purple violets and sweet maple syrup.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Passion Dipped in Sin Soap is curing

This one is a bit richer looking than the last batch, and let me tell you, it looks & smells amazing! Truly a sinful sight to behold. The top part is strawberry and the bottom part is chocolate.


Thursday, August 9, 2007

A new soap is curing - Island Kiss - Reserve your slice today

We haven't made Island Kiss soap in a few years so I thought it would be a good time to make some up with an artistic twist on the presentation. I am really enjoying how it turned out. Mrs SudsMuffin says it looks like a sunset under a dark stormy sky. Pretty appropriate for an Island Kiss scent then I think.

What do you think of it? Drop me a note.

We have made only 12 of these so they are quite a limited edition. Reserve your bar now. They will be ready on August 30th.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Link-Balm Giveaway

We know that folks LOVE SudsMuffin's smooth, creamy, soothing lip balms so we're having a "Link-Balm" draw to get the word out there about them.

Link to our blog or our website on your blog or website and we will enter you for a chance to win one of every lip balm flavour SudsMuffin has in store (a $44 value!).

Here's the current line up:
- Tiramisu
- Banana Nut
- Black Forest
- Cocoa Loco
- Cuke & Melon
- Grape Jelly
- Sasparilla
- Creamsicle
- Jazzberry
- Honey Bee
- Utter Nonsense (unflavoured)

Leave a comment so we can see where you linked to us. We will consider all entries up until October 1st, 2007.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cool Soap Dishes

We are always advising our customers to keep their handmade soap out of the water between uses. Here are some great soap dishes that we love that should do the trick:

Italian Contemporary Maiolica

Soap Dish made of volcanic stone

Stainless Steel Soap Dish

Sumo Wrestler Soap Holder

Sunday, July 29, 2007

When is it rude to NOT speak French (and how did my wife get so smart)?

On Friday, a group of 5 young ladies came in to the shop, speaking with a pronounced French Accent. I looked at Mrs SudsMuffin while the ladies looked around the shop, and said to her tentatively "français?" I figured she would take the hint and jump in to rescue me, using her native French to help the girls. But much to my surprise, my wife did not step up and change language. She kept speaking with the ladies in English, as they obviously struggled with the words. I kept looking at my sweet Mrs, nodding my head towards the customers, wondering why on earth she was still not speaking French with them.

Then when we asked the ladies where they were from, they said Fredericton. I knew that couldn't be right but my clairvoyant wife nodded knowingly. I then asked where they were FROM from and received answers that pointed to some very French-speaking locations in Quebec and New Brunswick (even one was from Syria...). Mrs SudsMuffin spoke up and asked if they were enjoying their ESL (English Second Language) program and they all said that they were and told of how there were participants there from around the world.

My incredibly smart wife told the ladies that she also speaks French but she knew that they were not allowed to converse in their native tongue or they could jeopardize their place in the ESL program. The ladies all agreed vehemently and were VERY relieved that Mrs had not spoken French to them.

I later asked my Mrs how she knew. She said that she noticed that even though they were struggling with the English language, they continued to converse with *each other* in English, which they would not normally have done amongst themselves.

It pays to pay attention. The girls all walked out with purchases too.

Coming Soon

Coconut Lip Balm
Rose Lip Balm
Watermelon Lip Balm

I see lots of kissing in the forecast.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pucker Up & Kiss Me!

Well not really but I've got some great new lip balms that you're SURE to use up kissing *someone*! These are made from our popular lip balm formula and will leave your lips smooth and kissable. We've got a great Grape Jelly flavour, a sweet Honey Bee flavour (no bees were used in this awesome lip balm), Jazzberry is a summery raspberry flavour, Creamsicle is the ever favourite orange and vanilla and finally Sasparilla which is a sweet root beer with a touch of warm french vanilla in it.

All of these lip balms are available on our website or in our shop.

Pick up one or twelve for yourself or for that special person you want to smooch with.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Attention to detail

Hey, it's Mrs SudsMuffin chiming in again.

I had lunch with some out-of-town colleagues yesterday at a local restaurant. The place had a beautiful view of the river, fabulous cliff side location, comfortable padded chairs and a great solarium. The menus, however, were poorly copied, well used and grease-stained. How much would it cost to print up some fifty full-colour menus and laminate them? What would it say about the restaurant? The menus become washable and sturdy and will last much longer.

The waitress was nice and professional. She tended to us well. Just before serving our meals to us, she placed two bottles of ketchup on the table. The bottle in front of me had two large smears of tartar sauce on it. It was hard to pick up the bottle without getting your fingers in the shmootz. This little problem would have been easy to avoid if washing down the bottles was part of the table bussing process.

At the end of our nevertheless tasty meal, we were each offered a choice of mints. You could have a red & white one or the vile green & white one. I'm glad I had a choice.

If we miss the mark on simple details like this at SudsMuffin, we want to know about it. We hope you will tell us.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

What's For Dessert?

Ok, are you ready for this? What smells like the best desserts in the world but won't go to your hips? And you can take it anywhere. Give up? Do you really want to know?

Check it out.

Also, back by popular demand is our cucumber melon lip balm!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How to take a GREAT bath

We have a true love of bathing in this house. Mrs SudsMuffin is known for settling in to the bath just for relaxation, adeptly using her toes to add more hot water as needed. Following are some bath time formulas and tips for enjoying a nice soak.

According to

If you love a hot bath - especially when the wind is howling outside - the bad news is that hot water can aggravate and, surprisingly, even dehydrate your skin. So if you do run a bath, use warm (not hot) water, and try to limit your baths to only a few times a week.

I was recently asked if taking hot baths was dangerous during pregnancy.

Here is Dr Phil's answer:

Women are told not to take baths because HOT water — over 98 degrees — is unfavorable to the pregnancy. Taking a warm (NOT HOT!) bath with someone to help you get in and out of the bath safely can help:

* Decrease uncomfortable swelling in arms and legs.
* Increase the amniotic fluid.
* Prevent premature contractions.

Help the mother relax and alleviate anxiety about the health of her baby.

This is also why swimming is such a great pregnancy exercise.

For a relaxing bath, we recommend using 6 drops of lavender essential oil.

For a stuffy head cold, we love a bath with 6-10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil.

Be sure that you use real essential oils and not fragrance oils. Also, it only takes a few drops in the bath to create a beautifully scented bathing environment. As with anything, use essential oils carefully, keep out of reach of small children (some oils are very toxic), and do not substitute for proper medical attention.

For more on essential oils, we recommend The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy by Valerie Ann Worwood.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I hear wedding bells!

No, not mine. Mr SudsMuffin and I have been married 18 years (and he's still around to talk about it!). No, what I'm talking about is the upswing of clients who are coming to us because they want to present their wedding guests with our handmade soaps. We currently are working on 3 beautiful wedding orders, not to mention a few bridal shower orders where our soap cakes will probably garner some attention. Of course it's all about the bride but the soap will be smiling too. :)

We meet with the happy couple to discuss ingredients, scents, colours and wrapping. So if you or someone you know is getting married in the near future, we would be thrilled to supply your wedding favours, done to your specifications. Just drop us a line or call our shop. Contact details are on our website: SudsMuffin

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July to my cruise ship customers!

We hope that you enjoyed a wonderful Fourth of July in our fair city today. We fortunately had great weather, ordered in just for your visit. (This really put a dent in the city's tourism budget...) A great big Thank You goes out to all people who bought from us today (you know who you are) and I hope that the visitor who bought the four slices of "Be Cider Always" soap cake, will enjoy them for some time.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Nectar of Isis Picture

As promised:

Canada Day

Hello everybody. I hope that you had a wonderful Canada Day. We opened the store today
and had an impressive response. I spent time mingling with the people in the street at the annual Rhoda's open air flea market, handing out pamphlet and speaking with customers old and new.

The Nectar of Isis muscle balm is labeled and ready. Come and get it while it's still available. It's going to go fast.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nectar of Isis - Wonder Salve

Our hottest product is now back! Nectar of Isis made her debut a few years ago right around Christmas at the show in Brunswick Square and has earned legions of devoted fans. If you like Tiger Balm then you will love, adore, covet, worship... you get the picture... Nectar of Isis.

What is it? Simply put, it's an incredible warming salve that you apply to your sore muscles and joints. The long-lasting heating effect provides soothing relief to aches and pains. Once you try our Nectar, you won't go back to anything else. This product, by far, is our personal favourite and the single item that we hold the most pride in.

We will post some pictures once the labels are completed and applied to the jars. We can't wait to introduce Nectar of Isis to new devotees. Stay tuned!

The new website is done!

I hope you will check out our newly redesigned website: SudsMuffin. I know a lot of people liked the old one but the layout of this one is just 1000 times better. Anybody visiting the site should be able to easily find what they are looking for. In addition to that, we have added a cool Pico search engine to each page. We've been re-naming some of our soaps too so if you are looking for an old favorite and can't find it, drop us a line and we'll let you know if we still make it or if it's just been renamed.

There were two cruise ships in port yesterday. We had a great time with our visitors, who all seemed extremely pleased with their purchases. It was just another great day at the shop. You are all keeping me busy and hopping! Thank you!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Website Re-Design & Nectar of Isis

Hey everybody, Mrs SudsMuffin has been working extremely hard on our new and greatly improved website. It should be ready for launch real soon. I have also completed a small batch of my famous Nectar of Isis Salve. It will be ready for sale very soon. I am simply waiting on my new containers.

Look for a newsletter coming out very soon to let members know when the updates are ready. If you haven't signed up for our newsletter, you should: JOIN Newsletter

Monday, June 25, 2007

What IS it with Customer Service lately?

Hey, it's Mrs SudsMuffin again! I just received an email this morning from a local web hosting company, advising me that one of my domains is up for renewal. Here is the email, typos intact:


The domain name is do for renewal. Please forward $25.00 to avoid an interruption service. Failure to renew this domain will result in the loss of your rights to this name.

Please let us know if you have any question.

Best Regards,

Now I don't know about you but for a first "reminder"/threat, the tone is unnecessarily harsh, not to mention rife with errors for such a short note. Instead of making me sense the urgency of renewing, I feel threatened, insulted, angry, and consequently, am looking for a new local registrar. What a horrible email to send to a customer! I replied with a link to Seth Godin's blog. I don't know if he'll "get it" though.

Have a great Monday everybody. Drop in to the shop to see us if you're in Saint John. I promise we won't threaten you.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Taxes & Paved Driveways

Hey there, it me, Mrs SudsMuffin. I like to chime in every now and then. I'm going to take a departure from our usual business based posts and just relate a couple of things that caught my attention these past few days.

For three consecutive days this week, a driveway in my subdivision was paved over. It's quite obvious because each driveway had a yellow construction tape or ribbon strung across it to allow the new asphalt to harden (or is that cure?). All three homes were in close proximity to each other. Two were across the street from each other. My guess is that these neighbours may all be friends and went in on the job together with a paving contractor in order to secure a better price. Maybe not, but that's what I'm going with.

I never did see which contractor did the job because they started after I drove to work and were gone by the time I drove down that street on my way home. I noticed that the paving contractor really missed a great opportunity to promote his work.

Neighbourhoods are funny. Once one person puts in a new tree, hedge, walkway, garden, etcetera, you see others pop up soon afterwards. So it only stands to reason that upon seeing the freshly paved driveways, others, like myself, naturally wondered who did the work and how much it would cost to do MY driveway too (not that I'm really in the market for that but I like to dream...). Nowhere post-paving, did the contractor leave any indication that his company had done the job. It would have been as simple as a small corrugated plastic sign on a picket, stuck into the lawn by the driveway. How much lost opportunity is that? Was it worth the cost of a few signs with "ABC Paving, 555-1234"?

So that's my paving story.

Today I went to a store to buy something for my shop. I plugged the pre-tax amount of the receipt into my expense tracker on the computer and it calculated a different tax amount than the receipt stated. You see, the store, which opened only recently, charged me 15% tax instead of 14%.

I went back to the store to let them know that their tax rate was incorrect. I was shocked to hear them tell me that they knew this but weren't quite sure how to fix it! For starters, how about at least adjusting the total on a calculator and not pocketing an extra 1% from each customer?

For my purchase, the difference was mere pennies, which they gave me back without me asking for it. However, the point seemed lost on them that I was not concerned about the 1% I was overcharged by, but as a retailer myself, I was concerned about all of their customers, that they have been knowingly defrauding with this hidden tax error. I wonder if anybody else has noticed?

New Molds

We have just added a new type of mold for our fabulously popular Soap Cakes. They work far better than I had first anticipated. For all my loyal Customers the new Newsletter is in the works and will be distributed shortly. I am looking for the input of my customers as to the kind of scents that you may like for me to use in any new products.

Also, you can now get your own SudsMuffin "Don't Eat The Cake" gear at our new CaféPress shop.

Get SudsMuffin Gear Here

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Spa Party in my Neighbourhood

A HUGE special thanks to Jolene for hosting a SudsMuffin Spa Party. I massaged more than a few pairs of tootsies and fingies last night. Everybody had a great time, including me, but I'm disappointed that they didn't take me up on my offer to do a full Monty. (actually, nobody wants to see that... not even me.)

After a delicious Father's Day breakfast at Cora's this morning, we went back to the shop and packaged up the rest of last night's orders, made some votive candles and Little Miss Mini Muffin was a great help at re-stocking the shelves. (Thanks Pumpkin!)

Tonight is a family gathering for Mrs SudsMuffin's father's birthday (and Father's Day) with possibly a dip in the river being on the schedule for the Mini Muffin. She doesn't care if it's still cold.

I'm off to make a bean salad and wrap a gift. Later folks and Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Continuing Cruise Ship Saga

So the Cruise Ship finally did come in today but it was overcast and foggy until late in the afternoon when it eventually cleared up. Only one passenger managed to find us, however not in response to pamphlets that Darlene was handing out down where the rest of the vendors hang out. This passenger was quite taken by our soap cakes (who can blame him?) and thought they were real (Again, no surprise, heh heh). He said he would take a look at our website and wanted to know how much to ship one to Washington. I guess I haven't really considered shipping these puppies as the cost would seem prohibitive. But if you're jonesing for our cakes, we're happy to box it up and ship it to wherever your nearest bath is.

At the end of the day, my local customers just rock. They are the ones who keep coming back for more and more and more, and that has to mean we're doing something right, right?

Next cruise ship - Monday, June 18th.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No Cruise Ship Today

I spent the better part of the morning wondering "Where are all the Cruise Ship Visitors?" only to be informed that there was no ship due in today. Haha! So I took the opportunity to place calls to some of the top real estate agent in the city. I introduced SudsMuffin to them and talked about the great gift baskets we offer as gifts for their clients.

There were people in and out of the shop all day and one of our wholesale accounts stopped by to pick up their order.

The weather man promises sun all week, even on Thursday, when the cruise ship really does come in. Until then, stay clean.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Ships are here!!!

Today is the first day for the new Cruise Ship Season. The first ship docks at 7am and I can't wait to introduce all of my products to a new crop of people.

I would also like to thank Jolene for booking a spa party. It's going to be a fantastic time.

Yesterday, I made a wonderful Cranberry Lemon Soap Cake for our friend Darlene's Wedding Shower. She is going to love it!

Here's to the cruise ship visitors finding their way to our shop, through the rain and the fog, letting their senses guide them to me. Have a great Tuesday!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today was my Birthday

Today was my birthday, so I ran a 41 cent special on bath bombs. Thanks to the wonderful people who wished me Happy Birthday and a bigger thanks to my awesome great customers today.

I recently reorganized the shop shelving into better groupings so it should make it easier for you to find what you need. Also, the SudsMuffin Soap Cakes are receiving rave reviews. If you have yet to see them, come by the shop and take a look. It's worth it!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Hey SudsMuffinites!

Hi all you loyal SudsMuffinites. I hope you all had a great extended weekend! I am wondering what it will take to get all of you into the store? Come in and maybe you will catch me in "Lab Coat Mode", working away at a delightful new product or perhaps a great SudsMuffin Soap Cake. For those who do not know, we have a great assortment of natural essential oils and synthetic fragrance oils. Just stop on by and get a treat for yourself or for just about anyone at all.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Shampoo & Conditioner & Shower Gel, oh my!

All this is new and now available in our shop. We have added two more shelves to hold all the great new items! We now have a great salon quality Aloe Vera Shampoo and Silk Conditioner in our Signature scent. We also have a Pearl Shower Gel (& matching bath salts) in that luscious, yummy Lemon Drop Martini fragrance. These are truly delightful to the senses!

Our Lavender Fields Soap is now ready, as is our Strawberry Chocolate. These were small batches so come in and get them as these will go quickly!

Finally, Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! We hope your special day tomorrow is a great one!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Discover Etsy - The Place For All Things Handmade

We have a SudsMuffin shop at Etsy. It's a wonderful online marketplace, with a focus on handmade, handcrafted goods. There are some amazing artists and talented artisans on Etsy and we love being a part of the community. Here are some of our items currently on Etsy:

Buy Handmade

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Things are hopping at the SudsMuffin Shop!

Wow! Spring has sprung and the city is definitely coming out of hibernation! We are enjoying daily visitors to our shop with business especially picking up on Saturdays. That doesn't mean you should wait until Saturday to drop in. We have special offers and sales changing almost every day of the week!

We have many new soaps on the curing rack, including our new pink & white Signature scent, our new Lemon Drop Martini, a lovely new herbal Lavender, and we're bringing back our Vanilla Bean soap with a new look to it.

In addition to all the newness, we also are offering our very popular full Soap Cakes, which were such a hit at our Grand Opening. We'll make your soap cake in the "flavour" of your choice for any special event you may be hosting. These cakes are perfect for wedding showers, baby showers, housewarmings, corporate events, and more! One cake is $60 and comes pre-sliced into 16 "servings". Choose to present it as a whole cake or pre-packaged into clear bakery containers. We guarantee, your cake will be the hit of ANY party! Call at least 6 weeks in advance to book your special cake.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Two new scents on the racks

Introducing our SudsMuffin Pink Signature soap! This one is fresh out of the oven and curing right now.

SudsMuffin Signature scent is fresh and clean and has a definite soapy edge to the fragrance. It's perfect for the entire family!

Our new Lemon Drop Martini scent is fabulously lemony, sweet, and dare we say, not just a girly drink. It has vibrance and tang that will only get better as this soap cures out and darkens with time.

Keep an eye out for our "Muffin Crumbs" bath salts and our famous "Muffin Top" bath bombs in these scents.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Bath Salts - Better Packaging, Better Price!

We have changed the packaging for our Bath Salts to a more user-friendly resealable foil pouch, with a clear window on one side. So you now get over twice as much (200g for $5) Bath Salts for less than twice the price. Stock up on our yummy fragrances- Sweet Spot, German Chocolate Cake, Strawberries & Champagne. It's time to take a bath!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Blitz

Some of you folks may have seen the windshield tags that I have been putting on windows all over Saint John. This is just part of my Blitz. I am trying to get our name out there to as many people as I can. Thanks to the people that have visited our website. I have also plastered posters for our in-home Spa Parties and the new SudsMuffin Street Team where you can earn Muffin Bucks for Muffin Stuff.

Come see us at our shop, 135 Union Street in Saint John NB, Canada.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Hi All!

Hi everybody, it's the SudsMuffin himself. I just wanted to thank everyone from the Regional Hospital Wellness Fair today for the awesome job that you did. It was a great time and I loved being there. I trust that you all will enjoy your purchases and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

SudsMuffin in the NEWS

Today we were featured in the local newpaper, the Telegraph Journal. We are thrilled to see such a wonderful write-up about our store. Thank you Erin, for the great job! Peter, you took an amazing picture too. Without further ado, here is a scan of the article.

Sunday, March 4, 2007

The Grand Opening

Thanks to everybody who came out for our grand opening yesterday. It went very well and we're glad to have met many new and past customers. If you missed it, don't worry, we are open Monday to Saturday from 10-5 and have lots of great smelling products on the shelves.

Here are Roly McIntyre and Michelle Hooten cutting our special chocolate Soap Cake, with me (The SudsMuffin) on the left.

Congratulations to the winner of the $125 SudsMuffin Spa Basket, Samantha F.

Congratulations to the winners of a slice of our chocolate Soap Cake:
- Christen W
- Shelley W
- Peter
- Maurice C
- Debbie S
- Fairlie R
- Bev L
- Ooh & Naomi

Be sure to check out the Telegraph Journal on Tuesday for a story about our SudsMuffin store in the Development section.

Thanks again for making yesterday a great day and a great opening of the store. Come on in and see us!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Almost ready!

Hi Everyone! I have not been ignoring all you wonderful people. Things have been very busy at the shop! We are almost ready for our Grand Opening this Saturday! It is from 10 am to 5 pm (maybe longer). We are expecting a great turnout. We have a Soap Cake cutting at 11 am, being done by Michelle Hooten , our illustrious Deputy Mayor. I want to thank all of the folks who responded to our invitations. I have been very lucky to have an ad placed by the great folks at The Waiting Room News. Thanks again Tina and Staff!!!!! Many thanks to the wonderful customers who make everything we do worthwhile! A very special thanks also goes out to Darlene, for her input on our press release.

There will be gifts and pictures (and SudsMuffin pins if you come in wearing SudsMuffin Pink).
See you all at the shop tomorrow!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Our first week at the store

Business is picking up with customers every day. We got our new phone this week (506-672-9248) so we are now much easier to reach during the daytime. I also made 20 pounds of soap in the store on Friday (Lavender for one and Citrus Wave for the other).

We have put together a nice assortment of gift baskets. These make great corporate gifts with a local flair, and we offer a beautiful range of Housewarming packages which are of special interest to Real Estate Agents.

MINI HOME SPA ~ $13.50
Small Bath Salts Pouch / Bath Bomb / Votive Candle / Mini Soap (quarter bar) / 60ml Lotion

454g Package Bath Salts / 4 Bath Bombs / 2 Votive Candles / Soap (full bar) / 60ml Lotion / 260g Milk Bath

The HONEYMOON ~ $25.00
60ml Massage Oil / 2 Bath Bombs / 2 Votive Candles / Soap (full bar) / 60ml Lotion

The BUNGALOW ~ $25.00
2 Soaps (full bars) / 2 Votive Candles / Room Spray

The CONDO ~ $45.00
3 Soaps (full bars) / 2 Votive Candles / Room Spray / Whipped Shea Butter

The MANOR ~ $65.00
4 Soaps (full bars) / 2 Votive Candles / Room Spray / Whipped Shea Butter / 150ml Lotion / Lip Balm

Come in to the store and fill in a ballot to win this fabulous SudsMuffin Bath & Spa Gift Basket, which will be drawn on March 3rd, our Grand Opening Day.

The basket comes with the following:
Bayberry Soap / Purple Sugar Soap / Dingo Therapy Soap / Kiss Me Kiss Me Soap / 2 Ginger Blossom Guest Soaps / Lilac Bath Bombs / World Dry Oil Fragrance / Ginger Blossom Dry Oil Fragrance / Gingerbread Incense and Burner / Pearberry Votive Candle / Chocolate Silk Lotion / Spearmint Olive Oil & Honey Face Cream / Lavender Room Spray / Sweet Spot Bath Salts / 2 Lip Balms / Sisal Sponge / Wooden Scalp Massaging Hair Brush / Loofa Scrubbing Sponge

There could be even more added to the basket by the time the draw takes place so be sure to get your name in before it's too late!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wow, what a day!

After lots of hard work and help from the family, we opened our doors at 10 am this morning. It was a great day! Mrs Muffin had several customers while I was running errands. The feedback was good. Our decor received great reviews and the beautiful sunshine helped make it an all around positive day.

Much thanks to the young lass who helped me at the SuperStore. I greatly appreciate the gesture.

A big thank you goes out to Darlene for the awesome handmade card and to all the folks who stopped by and bought on our opening day.

We will be getting a phone line put in soon so that Interac will be available as well. Our store hours, for the winter at least, will be 10am - 5pm, Monday to Saturday.

Thanks Dad & Sue for the help with the painting and electrical and moving everything into the store. Thanks Mom for helping us set up the product. Thanks Marc for coming over with a microwave! :) And thanks Dan for everything!

We hope to see you all at the store. Our Grand Opening celebration will be held March 3rd. We hope to be able to have it covered in the newspaper, so come on in wearing your best SudsMuffin pink, ok? Later all!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Store opening this Saturday!

Hi everybody! We are busily getting the store ready to open on Saturday (February 10th) at 10am. Everything is sailing right along. Many coats of primer, paint, polyurethane... We are anxious to open our doors to you. We know that the store will be a pleasant surprise to many.

Pass the word along. We look forward to seeing you.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

A very busy week at the store

Well, the store is coming along quite nicely. It's a matter of paint, paint, then paint again. After filling all 600+ tiny holes in the walls, then sanding, then priming a few times, we finally applied a first coat of finish paint today. The colour looks lively and fresh and we are madly in love with our store. We can't wait to share the final pictures! We expect to be ready to open our doors on Saturday February 10th, just in time for Valentines Day. Our Grand Opening will come a few weeks later with special invitations out to the community to join us in celebrating our opening. But you don't need to wait until then to check out what we have in store. Stop by this coming Saturday. Bring a friend even! We want the whole city to know that we are here and ready.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

We have the key!

Today I received the key to our store. With some minor cosmetic touches, we will have the place up and running and shining like the little gem that it is. We hope to be open by February 10th, just in time for last second Valentine's shopping. You know you lovebirds out there want a lovely SudsMuffin treat, right? The store is located at 135 Union Street and I'll be there daily getting things ready so give us a honk and a wave on your way by. Here's a sneak peek for the curious. Come back for updates as the transformation continues.

Sunday, January 28, 2007


Hi people, just dropping a line to give a quick update on the store. I am still waiting on news about my loan, but there is still a little paperwork to do. I am currently working on bath bombs and candles for the store. My new bath bombs are awesome. I can't wait for my great and patient customers to be entertained and wowed by our new shop. I plan to put pictures up of the step by step transformation.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The meeting

Hey folks, it's been a few days and I've been very very busy doing research for my next big project. (shhhh.. it's a secret) I dropped off an order for our newest B&B customer (I will ask her if I can mention her spot on here). She was extremely pleased with her customized soaps. I believe they will leave a wonderful memory for her guests. She is also looking at purchasing bath salts.

Now, for the next installment of our storefront story. I met with the Community Funding Office this evening. I believe the meeting went very well, they just need a couple more pieces of information and then I'll know where I stand. Whether I am funded or not, we still plan on opening the store, although with a slightly modified plan.

I have many phone calls ahead, drumming up excitement for our B&B custom labelling offerings. If you know of a Bed & Breakfast looking to distinguish themselves from the pack, send them our way. We'll treat them well.

Leo, I got your message. I'll be in touch tomorrow. Take care!

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Upcycling - Muffin but cool!

Mrs SudsMuffin and I spent the better part of yesterday making votives and Upcycled Candles. They turned out fabulous. The colors and scents are amazing. What is Upcycling, you ask? It's taking something bound for the trash and making it into something better than it was before. If you had SEEN and SMELLED these candles before, you would definitely agree. I will put up a picture later. We plan on making chocolate scented votives and strawberry champagne ones today in preparation for Valentine's.

I have to share this great rendition of me that Mrs SudsMuffin did up. She South Park-icized me. I laughed out loud when I saw it. Isn't it great?

Anyhow, off to make some breakfast. Happy Sunday all!

Friday, January 12, 2007

I got an order!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got my second order from my campaign from a great lady who runs a lovely B&B called Sherwood Park. Many gracious thank you's. I have some candles on the go- The Sweet Spot ones are awesome.

More later!

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Sweet Spot!

Hey everybody! It's MamaMuffin!

Well it's official! My NEW favourite scent is definitely Sweet Spot! Oh my goodness! It's JUST amazing! You HAVE to smell it for yourself but take my word for it, it's simply delicious smelling. It's like this sweet vanilla cotton candy and caramel, with juicy oranges and apples and a hint of delicate florals. It's just addictive! Mr SudsMuffin massaged my feet last night with some of our Sweet Spot lotion and when I swung my legs out of bed this morning, I could still smell it!

As you can see from the picture, we now have the lotion all bottled up, and we also have it packaged up in cute little envelopes, just like in this other picture. I am also making it into a solid perfume balm and let's not forget the bubbling bath drops that foam up into a mountain of bubbles in the tub. Hmmm... I think I might have to take a bath tonight.

What is going on!

Hi there everyone! Just thought I would keep all of you Muffin Maniacs in the loop. We are still waiting to hear about our financing. This process is taking a lot longer than I want it to. I am so anxious to be in my store, making my awesome products for my awesome customers, both old and new.

Speaking of customers, I am trying a new tactic. I am launching a MAJOR campaign to gain new customers in the Hospitality industry. I had no idea there were so many Inns and Bed and Breakfasts in my little corner of the woods. It's keeping me hopping, which is just what I want.

I also got to play with my new Christmas present today. I had a shelf fall down in my basement so I had put in new brackets to strengthen it and I used my new drill set. It turned out great. Even drilling into the concrete was a breeze. "Thanks Dad!" I really appreciate the drill.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Happy New Year 2007 Everybody!

We hope the holidays were enjoyable for you all and that Santa found you (and left you goodies rather than coal). Our family gatherings were quite enjoyable and Mini Muffin made out like a bandit.

We are working from home for the next few weeks, busy making products, old and new, in lots of yummy new fragrances. Once your nose takes a sniff of our new Sweet Spot scent, you will want one of everything! We are also bringing in a new Strawberries & Champagne fragrance, Bay Rum (the guys will love this one), Vanilla Sandalwood, Lemongrass Sage and our ever popular Chocolate Silk. Also, due to popular request, we have brought in some pure patchouli essential oil for all you hippy afficionadoes out there.

Tonight we put together a new product that we know you will love! Bubbling Bath Drops!
These are soft, doughy bubble bath patties scented in Sweet Spot. Oh my this smells amazing! Mini Muffin was covered in fluffy bubbles in the tub tonight and came out smelling like sweet yummy goodness.

We look forward to seeing you all again in the new year. If there's anything you need in the meantime, drop us a line.