Monday, December 4, 2006

I messed up!!!!!!!!!!!

Not the best day today. I nearly froze (until a very, very, very nice lady gave me a hand warmer) which helped my hands but did little for my tender toes. The day ended with a few sales and I left early to run some errands. I lost track of time and missed picking up my 8 year old daughter from the bus stop. The bus driver ended up taking her to her house with her and spoiled her rotten. However I drove around for a good hour trying to find the place. You have no idea the panic I felt or how much I was and still am disappointed in myself. I feel so stupid and wish I could start the day all over. It all worked out in the end and she is fine. She even went out to play in the snow after supper and she shoveled the front walk. What a great little kid I have.

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