Friday, December 29, 2006

The End (but only for a short while)

Today marked the last day of SudsMuffin at the City Market at least for a while. I am taking a much needed break and waiting for the New Year to hear from the community funding office. With any luck all will go well and we will reopen very soon in our new location. We plan to use the time to experiment with NEW scents and products for the new year. I would like to take the time to thank all the Market staff and patrons who supported me though out the last year. I hope that everyone comes visit us in our new home once we are up and running again. TTFN

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Shea Butter ~ Super Moisturizer

Several of you have emailed me to ask about our Whipped Shea Butter and I wanted to take some time to talk about it here with everybody else. Shea Butter (also known as Karite) is a butter make from the nuts of the wild Shea or Karite tree. This tree is found in the savannas of Togo Africa and is edible as well as highly valued for skin care. We source our Shea Butter from a women's cooperative from Togo, who are paid fair wages for producing this wonderful rich butter.

We take pure unrefined Shea Butter and whip it to a light fluffy texture, making it easy to use. As many of you know, a very little bit goes a long way. We offer it in three varieties- natural, lavender, and peppermint tea tree.

While we do not claim that Shea Butter is a cure, many of our customers have experienced relief for various ailments such as dry cracked heels, chapped skin and have even seen their eczema conditions improve with diminished redness and cracking. Drop by the market to see us and sample some Shea Butter for yourself.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

catching up

Hi everyone, I'm sorry I have neglected you for a few days. I have been busy filling Etsy orders! Sales have been going quite well. I think they may be better than last year. On the storefront, plans are moving ahead. Last week, I sold some Whipped Shea Butter to a Massage Therapist. Well today, one of his clients came from his office directly to my booth and bought some after the MT used some on her. Ahh the power of Shea...

Oh and this is for all you lavender lovers out there. I will have some hopefully very soon. I will keep you apprised.

I was on our local news last night. It was nothing to do with my booth but it was fun anyway. I did receive a few comments about it today. TTFN

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Much Better!

Today was much better, although it started out very slow and I had a number of small sales by the end of the day. Tonight we went to a Yankee Swap at the beautiful home of one of the crafters that we associate with. It was a fun time. We had some great food and good conversation with no kids around. We don't go out very often so it was a nice change of pace. We came home with a very nice sculpture and a handsome knit scarf (which Mrs SudsMuffin may be claiming).

Not the best day

I sold for a mere $5.00. That is truly disheartening. However, I did do some more work on the collaterals. They are coming along quite well.

Monday, December 11, 2006

A good day today

I had a meeting this morning with the Community Funding Office to go over my business plan and eventual business goals. The meeting went very well and I believe that we are one step closer to opening our store. I will keep you all aprised as the story develops. Look forward to pictures, hopefully soon.

To top it off, I had a very impressive sales day and received a possible wholesale contact. Yay for the SudsMuffin! The heat was still on and working. No more frappucino! I started working on some target market collaterals, specifically for the real estate business, corporate gift baskets and bridal offerings. They're still in draft mode but they're off to a good start.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fundraising baskets delivered

Yesterday I delivered 23 fundraising baskets to Amanda at Aamanda's School of Dance. These were the foot care kits with custom labels. Take a look.

Here is Amanda, hiding behind the money but trust us, there's a definite smile on that face. This will allow the kids to participate in dance competitions next year. Our dancers have a lot of heart so we do what we can to help them grow in their skills.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Fun with Funds

After two nights of hard work, the fundraising baskets are just about ready to go. I think they're very impressive and the folks receiving them should be very pleased. Each basket contains a package of foot soak, a half peppermint tea tree soap, a bottle of cooling foot spray and a bottle of scrubby foot cream. Drop us a line if you would like us to supply your fundraising effort.

Monday morning I have a meeting with the local Community Funding Office to discuss my business plans and future business growth.

The wonderful Ms Munn stopped by today to make a purchase for herself and for her sister. She has a lovely bed & breakfast here in town: A Tanner's Home Inn and we have been supplying her with our hospitality soaps for a few years now. Drop us a line if you would like to discuss soaps or gift baskets for your business too.

Hopefully it will be a bit warmer at the Market tomorrow and the heating situation gets resolved. I don't think I could stand another day seeing my hot chocolate turn into a frappucino.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Damn it's cold!!!

Holy crap! It was so cold at my booth today! I had to leave early because I had no heat at all. My hot chocolate actually started to freeze. I tried to get the heat turned on but everyone is passing the buck. So in the meantime I start to turn into a Sudscicle. The administration of the place that I have my vendor cart seems to think that it is a good idea to raise my rent yet make it nearly impossible for me to operate. I swear, it was colder in my area than it was outside. The lobby seems to trap and hold on to cold air. Anyway, there is always tomorrow. TTFN

Monday, December 4, 2006

I messed up!!!!!!!!!!!

Not the best day today. I nearly froze (until a very, very, very nice lady gave me a hand warmer) which helped my hands but did little for my tender toes. The day ended with a few sales and I left early to run some errands. I lost track of time and missed picking up my 8 year old daughter from the bus stop. The bus driver ended up taking her to her house with her and spoiled her rotten. However I drove around for a good hour trying to find the place. You have no idea the panic I felt or how much I was and still am disappointed in myself. I feel so stupid and wish I could start the day all over. It all worked out in the end and she is fine. She even went out to play in the snow after supper and she shoveled the front walk. What a great little kid I have.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

Fund Raiser

We were helping our daughter's dance school raise some money for competitions. To do this, we made up some custom gift sets of foot care products. We then made up order forms for the students to sell these sets. We had also added an extra incentive if the entire school sold 40 kits, they would get a pizza party on our dime. We split the monies raised 50/50. The kids raised over $400.00 so the school gets to keep half. Congratulations to all students and thank you for all your hard work! The student with the most sales wins a 12 inch pizza!

Saturday, December 2, 2006

It Looks hopeful!

I had an early meeting with my local MLA (member of Legislative Assembly- for those who don't know). It went very well. I went to drop of my Business Plan outline and request a small grant for my business. The fine gentleman seem to be impressed with the samples that I brought with me. I hope that my efforts pay off, but I will find another way to help fund my store opening if this does not work out. Keep your toes crossed!

Friday, December 1, 2006

Happy Day

I had a very happy day today! I had a long day set out ahead of me and did not expect many sales. It turned out I was wrong. I received a fabulous hair cut from the great people at Academy of Hair Design (Only ten bucks, including tip). I then went and spoke with the owner of the building that I want to put my shop in. That meeting went very well and I think that the shop will be a value add to the street. The owner will even put in new flooring as long as I am willing to do the wall repairs (fill some nail holes) and do the painting. Anyhow, I finally opened my booth many hours later than normal and still had a very marvelous sales day.