Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oh me achin feet!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to relate our experience at the weekend sale. Every year, there is a huge 3 day craft show at our arena, Harbour Station, former home to an AHL team and now home to the less than stellar QMJHL team, although they do try their best every game. Anyhow, this place is huge and there were a couple hundred vendors this year. We have attended this craft fair for three years and have always had one or two competitors but this year was different. After my set up, I did my walk around checking out what there was to offer. There were 6, count 'em 6! vendors selling soap. I was a little worried that I was gonna lose some biz yet to my surprise we did better than expected. I have even given out a number of wholesale price lists to other vendors who run gift shops. Lucky me. Anyhow, despite the good sales, the floor is wreaking havoc on my tender feet. It's a good thing I make an awesome foot care line.

I have also learned that I NEVER NEVER NEVER prejudge a person as a sale. There is a lady who gives me the creeps. We have seen her at several venues before, always touching and smelling but never buying. But low and behold, we had something she not only wanted but needed. Ya for me!

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