Thursday, November 23, 2006

Not a complete waste

I was to spend a great deal of the day not doing business, or at least I thought. I went to the hospital to get my shoulder looked at. It turns out I needed some steroid shots into the bursa at the shoulder joint. The doctor also advised I get low level laser treatment and physiotherapy. After all this I had to go take care of some government red tape. In one office I visited today, I got to talk to a guy whose wife has VERY sensitive skin. She has a hard time finding things to keep her skin moist and soft in our harsh weather. I gave him one of my cards and shared a little of our product line and invited him to check out our website. He seemed to be very pleased! I then walked around town and gave out a few cards and talked to people about what it is we do. All in all , it was a good day.

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