Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I feel blessed !

I feel very, very, very blessed! Today I had an older gentleman to whom I had sold a jar of our whipped shea butter a couple of days ago, come back. He was near tears with joy as he told me that his feet were feeling better than they had in years. He had been in pain for many years due to dry cracking feet. I saw extreme gratitude in his eyes. This fellow was genuinely grateful for the relief that our product was able to provide him. It gives me a feeling of great satisfaction to know that my efforts have been an aid to another. I am loathe to make claims of a medical nature about our products. However, I have seen personal and customer results which leads me to believe I can say with relative safety that SHEA BUTTER works, with AMAZING results. If you have had any such experiences like this, please let me know by responding to my blog.

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