Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Hi there folks, let me introduce myself. I am the Sudsmuffin or Suds for short. I live in South Eastern New Brunswick, Canada with my awesome wife (MuffinMama) and our talented but precocious daughter (MiniMuffin). We run a small bath and body biz that we have built from the ground up. We make all of our products from scratch. Check us out at

I normally operate out of a vendor cart at our local City Market. We got started in this biz as a way to give Christmas presents from the heart. It just happened that in the (Homogenized Hole from Hell) call center that I used to work at we had a Health Day. We (ie- my wife) did a little research and made a bunch of things for this show.

Holy baabaa-shticky, Batman! It was a great success! We have gone through a great deal of changes over the last 6 years. In future posts, I will tell stories of our adventures in soaping and some of the very strange but lovable folks we have encountered.

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