Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I feel blessed !

I feel very, very, very blessed! Today I had an older gentleman to whom I had sold a jar of our whipped shea butter a couple of days ago, come back. He was near tears with joy as he told me that his feet were feeling better than they had in years. He had been in pain for many years due to dry cracking feet. I saw extreme gratitude in his eyes. This fellow was genuinely grateful for the relief that our product was able to provide him. It gives me a feeling of great satisfaction to know that my efforts have been an aid to another. I am loathe to make claims of a medical nature about our products. However, I have seen personal and customer results which leads me to believe I can say with relative safety that SHEA BUTTER works, with AMAZING results. If you have had any such experiences like this, please let me know by responding to my blog.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Paint and Candles

I took today to try and finish fixing my front window. There was not a cloud in the sky. Twenty minutes after I finish doing part of the outside, just my luck, it started to rain. I hope it had dried enough.

Anyhow I am going to try my hand at candles again tonight. My first attempts have been not so amazing. I think it is just a matter of time before I get it right. I am doing this because my customers have been clamoring for candles, so candles they will get. Maybe?! lol

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Trying something new!

Friday was a good day with sales better than expected. Saturday, on the other hand, was less than stellar. I just received a new book written by Jeffrey Gitomer. I hope that some of the information and advice will be adaptable to the "Sales" side of the business. I am truly grateful to my loyal customers and it is in that light that I am trying to increase my sales ability. I want them to want to buy because I have something they really truly need. I want to be able to learn how to find what it is they need without being too aggressive. I want to develop my humor but still be taken seriously as a business person. I try never to give information that is misleading about my products. I make no over-inflated medical claims about my products, but I do relate some of the great results my faithful customers have shared with me.

One of my favorite stories involves a customer whose hands were in horrid shape due to her work environment. Her skin was damaged to the point that it was cracking and bleeding. I explained about the virtues of Shea Butter. She was willing to try anything so she bought some and in about 3 months she came back in to buy some more and her hands were almost completely cleared up. Needless to say we were both very pleased with the results. These are the kinds of stories and testimonials I hear from my Shea Butter customers over and over. If improving my selling ability allows more people to experience benefits from Shea, then the minimal cost is worth that.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Not a complete waste

I was to spend a great deal of the day not doing business, or at least I thought. I went to the hospital to get my shoulder looked at. It turns out I needed some steroid shots into the bursa at the shoulder joint. The doctor also advised I get low level laser treatment and physiotherapy. After all this I had to go take care of some government red tape. In one office I visited today, I got to talk to a guy whose wife has VERY sensitive skin. She has a hard time finding things to keep her skin moist and soft in our harsh weather. I gave him one of my cards and shared a little of our product line and invited him to check out our website. He seemed to be very pleased! I then walked around town and gave out a few cards and talked to people about what it is we do. All in all , it was a good day.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

New set up

Well today was the first day back at the City Market. I had a lot of new things to add to the booth but not enough room to put it. So I had to improvise and repurposed 2 shelving units into something far more workable. It required a couple of simple hand tools and a little ingenuity. It took the better part of the day and a little frustration but here is the kicker: Despite the general chaos around my booth, I had a good sales day. Tuesdays are usually very slow but I had people who forgot this-or-that at the Craft fair and they just had to get it! Anyhow, I am very happy with the results of my labours. My cart looks full and vibrant and a fun place to shop.

If you're near the City Market in Saint John NB, come by and see us.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Great show!!!!!!!!

Well the show is finally over. It turned out to be a very satisfying time. It was a successful end to a good time. Today was the best sales day that I have had in a long time. I also made a number of wholesale contacts that have huge potential. Our name seems to be getting a lot of recognition and
our branding is catching on. We were giving away a free lip balm to everyone who was wearing "SudsMuffin Pink" ie a hot pink shirt or coat. Anyhow, I am gonna be sore from tear down and lugging a couple hundred pounds of soap, lotions, perfumes etc... TTFN

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Oh me achin feet!

Hi everyone. I just wanted to relate our experience at the weekend sale. Every year, there is a huge 3 day craft show at our arena, Harbour Station, former home to an AHL team and now home to the less than stellar QMJHL team, although they do try their best every game. Anyhow, this place is huge and there were a couple hundred vendors this year. We have attended this craft fair for three years and have always had one or two competitors but this year was different. After my set up, I did my walk around checking out what there was to offer. There were 6, count 'em 6! vendors selling soap. I was a little worried that I was gonna lose some biz yet to my surprise we did better than expected. I have even given out a number of wholesale price lists to other vendors who run gift shops. Lucky me. Anyhow, despite the good sales, the floor is wreaking havoc on my tender feet. It's a good thing I make an awesome foot care line.

I have also learned that I NEVER NEVER NEVER prejudge a person as a sale. There is a lady who gives me the creeps. We have seen her at several venues before, always touching and smelling but never buying. But low and behold, we had something she not only wanted but needed. Ya for me!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Hi there folks, let me introduce myself. I am the Sudsmuffin or Suds for short. I live in South Eastern New Brunswick, Canada with my awesome wife (MuffinMama) and our talented but precocious daughter (MiniMuffin). We run a small bath and body biz that we have built from the ground up. We make all of our products from scratch. Check us out at

I normally operate out of a vendor cart at our local City Market. We got started in this biz as a way to give Christmas presents from the heart. It just happened that in the (Homogenized Hole from Hell) call center that I used to work at we had a Health Day. We (ie- my wife) did a little research and made a bunch of things for this show.

Holy baabaa-shticky, Batman! It was a great success! We have gone through a great deal of changes over the last 6 years. In future posts, I will tell stories of our adventures in soaping and some of the very strange but lovable folks we have encountered.